Vendor Guide

Step 6 - Sealed Bid Checklist

For your convenience, we have prepared a checklist that will help you to ensure that the bid you prepare and forward to us provides all the necessary information required.
Do you understand all requirements of the terms, conditions and specifications and all other documents and attachments to the solicitation?
Have you read all materials referred to but not included with the solicitation?
Have you verified unit prices that conform to the unit of measure and inserted them in the proper places?

Note: In the case of a discrepancy between
the unit price and total price, the unit price will govern.

Are you confident that you can meet all contract requirements (such as materials used, manufacturing procedures, quality levels, testing, and packaging)? And is your bid price enough so you can meet these requirements and make a reasonable profit?
Have you answered every question fully and accurately and supplied all information requested?
Have you refrained from qualifying your bid either by insertions on the bid or in an accompanying letter? Additions of unwanted part numbers, exceptions to items and conditions of the solicitation or inclusion of any type of contingency statement could result in your bid being declared nonresponsive.
Have you signed and dated the solicitation in all sections where required, including all certifications that apply to your business? Remember that a letter of transmittal isn't necessary - proper and accurate completion of the forms provided is all that is necessary.
Have you included a bid guarantee, if required by the solicitation? Is the bid guarantee properly executed and in the proper amount?
Have you correctly addressed the envelope containing your bid to the address as indicated in the solicitation?
Have you allowed enough time for the bid to reach the appropriate Department of Education office before the posted deadline?
Have you placed sufficient postage on the envelope used for returning your bid?
If you plan to have the bid hand delivered, do you have the room number and other information necessary to get the bid to the right place before the time set for the bid opening?
Do you have at least one file copy of the final version of your bid?
Have you retained your original worksheet used in preparing your bid?
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