Vendor Guide

Step 8 -Getting Paid

We know how vital it is to be able to predict cash flow, and we want to make doing business with us as productive as possible. With this in mind, the Chancellor has made prompt vendor payment an administrative priority of the Department of Education. Substantial effort will be made to assure that all bills are paid promptly, usually within 30 days of the receipt of a proper invoice and satisfactory acceptance of delivery of materials or services.

The Department of Education believes it is important that vendors understand the internal mechanisms the Board's purchasing and payment policies and procedures. This understanding will enable you to take action to expedite the payment process, resulting in faster receipt of checks and improved cash flow.

What follows is an overview of how pertinent documents flow through the Department of Education’s Financial Accounting Management Information System (FAMIS). We will define various documents and methods used by the Community School Districts (CSDs) and Financial Management Centers (FMCs), to procure and pay for goods and services. Please use it as a source of reference for tracking and identifying payments, and services offered to vendors by the New York City Department of Education.

Please adhere to the guidelines noted below and to further requirements, which may be included in the contract, in order to ensure prompt payment:
  Original invoices for goods delivered or services rendered are to be forwarded to the address indicated on the purchase order or MGO.
It is extremely important that invoices reflect the Department of Education 7-digit purchase order number or the 8-digit MGO number. Each number is printed on the face of the respective document.
Invoices must reflect the date of delivery, shipped to address and department.

All billings must conform to the purchase order/ MGO or contract in terms of quantity limits, unit price and units of measure.

Important Information
There are two major documents used by the Department of Education to purchase needed items to support our educational and administrative programs. They are the Purchase Order (PO) and the Machine Generated Order (MGO). Next, we explain the difference between the two, and what you must do with each to ensure prompt payment.
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