Human Resources

Employment Verification for Administrative Staff & Assigned Pedagogic Staff

4. Submit your Request

Please submit your completed Employment Verification Request Form directly to your (the employee’s) HR Partner/Personnel Director by email, fax, or mail. The HR Partner/Personnel Director is typically the HR person who coordinated the hiring of the employee (for example, provided the employee with benefits information and paperwork, helped him/her obtain a DOE photo ID, etc.).

If you are unsure of the HR Partner’s/Personnel Director’s contact information, you may obtain it by contacting HR Connect at (718) 935-4000. However, you will be required to provide the division that the employee works for (for example, Division of Human Resources, Office of New Schools, Office of Legal Services, etc.). HR Connect will be unable to assist you if you cannot provide this information.

Turnaround Time: Requests are typically fulfilled within 2 business days.

Contact Us
If you have additional questions regarding employment verification, please contact HR Connect at (718) 935-4000. HR Connect is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.