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Middle School - AFTERNOON Parent-Teacher Conferences
10/27/2016 EARLY DISMISSAL for students in middle school.

*Schools may hold their Parent Teacher Conferences on non-citywide dates. Contact the individual school to confirm dates.

Central Administrative and Managerial Employees

Central Administrative Employees' Annual Leave and Sick Leave

Central administrative employees earn an annual leave allowance, which may be used for vacation, personal business or purposes of religious observance. Sick leave is to be used only for personal illness of the employee, or in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements or law. Details vary depending on the date of hire:

Central Managerial Employees' Annual Leave and Sick Leave

Central managerial employees are entitled to annual leave and sick leave. Details vary depending on the date of hire:

Management Benefits Fund

The Management Benefits Fund (MBF) provides supplemental benefits to the non-unionized personnel of the City of New York, which includes all managerial, confidential, and original jurisdiction employees and retirees. For more information, visit the Office of Labor Relations Management Benefits Fund Web site.

Employee Development

Visit the Central Employees page (login required) for learning and development opportunities and resources.