Medical Leave

Medical Administration

doctor confers with patientThe HR Connect Medical Administration Office and its physicians determine whether an employee is “fit for duty,” evaluate medical leave requests and Line of Duty Injury (LODI) applications, determine eligibility for Board of Education Retirement System (BERS) disability retirement, and assess requests for accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

While you may never need these services, here’s a quick reference on how to access them:

ADA Requests for Accommodations
Requests for accommodations are evaluated by DOE physicians. Complete Personnel Memorandum #4, 2009-2010 and submit it by mail to the New York City Department of Education, HR Connect Medical Administration, 65 Court Street, Room 200, Brooklyn, NY, 11201, or by fax to: (718) 935-5371.

Principals or supervisors may request that DOE physicians perform “fit for duty” examinations. Also, DOE physicians perform examinations required for BERS disability retirement. In addition, DOE doctors perform mandated 2568 examinations, which are physical or mental exams requested by supervisory personnel.

A principal can recommend a 2568 examination to the superintendent (in a letter stating reasons for the exam), who will formally request a 2568 examination with a letter to Medical Administration. Medical Administration will then schedule an exam and send letters informing the principal, superintendent, and employee of the exam. Letters to employees are sent via certified mail and regular mail.

Medical Hardship Transfers
If specified in your contract, you may request a transfer if you cannot perform the functions of your job due to limitations at your workplace. Complete an Application for Hardship Transfer form and submit it, along with applicable medical documentation, by mail to the New York City Department of Education, HR Connect Medical Administration, 65 Court, Room 200, Brooklyn, NY, 11201, or by fax to (718) 935-5371. There is no deadline or filing period for submission of hardship transfer applications.

Claims for Reimbursement of Medical Expenses or Personal Property Due to Damage/Loss
In certain circumstances, the DOE may reimburse an employee money, either for out-of-pocket medical expenses associated with a line of duty injury, or to replace a personal item that was damaged, lost, or stolen while on the job. To learn if you qualify, click the corresponding link below:

Claims for Reimbursement of Medical Expenses
Claims for Loss or Damage to Personal Property

Arbitration of DOE Medical Decisions
For those employees who under contractual agreement are entitled to arbitrate a medical decision, applications can be obtained from your union office.

For more information about these topics, review the Medical Administration Frequently Asked Questions.

For information about leaves of absence, including medical leaves, unpaid leaves for restoration of health, health sabbaticals, advancement of personal leaves days, and LODI, visit the Leaves of Absence and Medical Administration page.