Leaves & Medical Administration

SOLAS (Self-Service Online Leave Application System)

What is SOLAS?

SOLAS (Self-Service Online Leave Application System) is an online system that DOE non-supervisory pedagogical employees can use to apply for a leave of absence from their computer or smartphone.

SOLAS offers:

  • Easier applications: Apply online and upload your supporting documents directly into the system.
  • Faster processing and timely responses: The automated system makes it possible to process your application in significantly less time than it takes to process paper applications.
  • Real-time information: Log in to SOLAS to get up-to-date information on the status of your application.
  • Smarter staffing: With a faster, more efficient leave application system, schools will have more timely information to help them make staffing decisions.

What’s new for SOLAS?

  • HR Connect will no longer accept paper leave applications from non-supervisory pedagogical employees starting February 28, 2014 with the exception of the following leaves: study sabbatical leave, and military leave. 

  • All non-supervisory pedagogical employees must use SOLAS to apply for line of duty injury (LODI) leaves, restoration of health leaves, maternity related leaves, health sabbatical leaves, and non-medical leaves. SOLAS will be available for other employee types and leave types in the coming months! Please check back here for updates.

SOLAS log-in link for employees to apply for a leave:

Need help using SOLAS?