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Definition: Employment Verification for Retirement Purposes
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Definition: Employment Verification for Retirement Purposes
The primary reason for requesting this form of employment verification – as opposed to the more traditional form described on the previous page – is because you need additional detail concerning your employment history to address a retirement system matter. Some of the reasons for requesting this type of service include, but are not limited to:

  • Considering Retirement Buy-back: You missed an opportunity to contribute to your retirement fund during one or more periods of your employment with the DOE and you are considering buying back that time so that you may have continuous service. Example periods of when you may not have made retirement contributions include:
    • Early years of service at the DOE
    • During a leave of absence without pay (for example, maternity leave, child care leave, restoration of health leave, leave to sort out personal affairs, or FMLA)
    • Working in a substitute service capacity (any substitute position) while on a leave of absence without pay

The Office of Employment Records Research can produce a report containing the duration of these periods as well as your salary at that time. Your retirement system will use this information to determine how much additional money you must contribute to your retirement fund in order to receive credit during these periods.

  • Need for Actual Earnings Information: Either you or your retirement system needs information concerning the actual money you earned (as opposed to your salary).
  • Need for Contractual Rate Information: Either you or your retirement system needs to know your contractual rate during a certain period of employment.
  • Determine Membership Deficit: Your retirement system may have presented you with a membership deficit letter stating that you have a gap in your contribution period (usually from the date you enrolled in the retirement system to the date you made your first contribution). The Office of Employment Records Research can confirm or refute this allegation.

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Requesting this Service
You can access our online request form from this page. However, before you get started, please thoroughly read the following:

Supplying Your Retirement Membership Number
To aid you in completing your application for this service, please have your retirement membership number available as this information is required before we can process your request. If you are a current DOE employee, you may find this number on your DOE-issued pay stub in the “Pension #” field; if you are a former DOE employee, you may obtain this number either on the benefit statement periodically sent to you by your retirement system, or by calling the retirement system directly.

Accessing the Online Form
To locate the correct set of instructions to guide you to the request form, please click on the statement below that best describes your current employment status:

I currently work for the DOE

The following steps will need to be performed in order to access and submit the application:

  1. Access the online Employment Records Research Request Form here.
  2. Enter your UserID and Password. These are the same that you use to log into your computer.
  3. In the Login section, found on the left-hand-side of the screen, enter your DOE Network/Email ID and password.  You will then enter your SSN, EIS ID or EMP ID.

    The following may be helpful in providing the requested information:

    • If you do not remember your DOE-issued email address or were never issued one, click on the “Forgot ID/Password?” link within the “Login” section for further assistance. This tool will either locate an existing DOE-issued email address or allow you to request one, if one does not already exist.
    • If you began your DOE career as a teacher or other school-based professional, your “EIS ID” is your file number with a prefix of “0”; if you began as a paraprofessional, your "EIS ID" is your file number with a prefix of "2".
  4. Once you have successfully logged on to the system, click on the Employee Self Service tab on the upper-left-hand-side of the screen.
  5. Within the “Employee Self Service” tab, click on Emp. Records Research.
  6. Once there, you will find information concerning the services the Office of Employment Records Research offers, including employment verification for retirement purposes. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click Next.
  7. The next screen will display basic identifying information. Click Create New Request.
  8. On the resulting screen, click on the button corresponding to Verification of Employment for Pension Purposes and then click Next.
  9. Complete the request form as required. When finished, click on the Submit button.
  10. Once your request has been submitted, you will receive confirmation of its receipt via email sent to the address specified in your application. If you indicated that your retirement system must receive the requested information on its form, then this email will instruct you on how to submit your retirement system's forms for completion.

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Turnaround Time
Requests are typically fulfilled within 30 business days.

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Contact Us
If you have additional questions regarding employment verification for pension purposes, please contact HR Connect at (718) 935-4000. HR Connect is open Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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