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Substitute/Per Diem Teachers

Currently Employed Substitutes

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Substitute Teacher Renewal Requirements for 2014-15.

Substitute Teacher Renewal Requirements for 2015-16.

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New Hire Information

To begin the hiring process, a nomination must be submitted online by a NYC public school principal interested the candidate’s services.

If a candidate has been successfully nominated, the nominee will be e-mailed information on how to access and complete the online application.

In addition, the principal will have the ability to view all the nominations created as well as view the application status and details of the candidates nominated. 

If the nominee is NYS certified, she/he will go through an expedited processing for hire.

If the nominee is not NYS certified, he/she must successfully complete the Assessment and Training components to be eligible to begin working in the nominating school.  Uncertified candidates who do not successfully complete the assessment and training may not work as a substitute, even in the nominating school.  Those candidates successfully completing the assessment and training components will be eligible to work in all schools.

For both NYS-certified and uncertified teacher nominees, invitations are e-mailed to be processed for an Occasional Per Diem Certificate (OPDC).  All details are emailed to potential nominees and candidates at various times during the processing.

Other important information:

  • Individuals serving as Occasional Per Diem teachers do not receive benefits and are paid a per diem contractual rate for actual days worked.
  • If an OPD teacher exceeds forty days of substitute service in one school year, the teacher is required to complete six credits of professional education courses unless all education requirements have already been met.  These courses must be in accordance with an OPD Educational Plan that is created as a part of the process of becoming a substitute teacher. Renewal of the OPDC for the following school year is dependent upon the successful completion of the six credits of professional education courses by August 31 of the school year in which the forty days were exceeded.

Pay Rate

The current rate of pay for a substitute teacher is $158.08 per day.

Paycheck Distribution

Substitute teachers are paid semi-monthly.  Paychecks are sent the employee’s home address.  If you have any questions, ask a payroll secretary to check the payroll system to see where your check has been directed.  You may also apply for direct deposit.

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Employee IDs

Smart Cards are no longer in use. Click on Fingerprinting and Employee IDs for more information.


Substitute teachers who do not have certification and are not preparing to become certified are limited to a maximum of 40 working days per year.

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