Teacher and Pupil-Personnel Certification

Prospective Employees

If you are interested in a career as a teacher within the New York City Department of Education (DOE), please click here for more information on applying to the DOE, New York State Certification types and requirements, job opportunities, salary benefits, as well as non-teacher titles.

Current Employees

Maintaining Your Certificate
All NYC pedagogical employees, including teachers and school administrators, must maintain valid certification to remain employed.  If you are a current employee and possess an Initial, Provisional, Internship, Transitional B, Conditional Initial, or Transitional A certificate, you are given a specific number of years before your NY State Certification expires and you must progress to the next level of certificate based on your completion of the requirements.  Further, holders of Professional Certification must meet certain requirements to maintain their certificate.  No further action is required of Permanent certificate holders.

If you have any questions about maintaining your certificate or progressing to the next level of certificate you can contact your CFN HR Director to set up an appointment with a Human Resources Assistant/Certification Specialists (HRA). HRAs are available to assist you with your certification needs, from answering general questions to conducting in-depth transcript evaluations; however, scheduled appointments are required.

For general information, you also may call the Certification Office between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. at 718-935-2473/4723. In addition, you can access the New York State Education Department website for any additional information regarding NY State certification requirements.

If you have not yet met requirements to progress to your next level of certification , please refer to the New York State Education Department website for more information about the requirements and process to obtain an extension on an expiring certificate.  

A NYC License is automatically generated by the DOE when an employee is hired. The license depends on your NY State certificate and the grade level of your NYC teaching assignment. The NYC License also specifies the area for DOE Seniority. Please note that the DOE no longer prints paper licenses.

Types of Certificates

Below are brief descriptions of the NY State teaching certificates.  For more information, click here.

Initial: The Initial certificate is the entry-level teaching certificate and is issued for a specific subject and grade level. It is valid for five years (with the possibility of a time extension if you are eligible).  During this five-year period, you must obtain a Professional certificate which requires a minimum of there years of experience and a Master’s degree.

Conditional Initial: This certificate is the first-level certificate for teachers who hold a certificate in the same or equivalent title from another state, but who have not yet met the NYS testing requirement. The Conditional Initial Certificate allows the holder up to two years to meet the testing requirements to qualify for an Initial certificate.

Professional: The Professional certificate is the second-level teaching certificate. A holder of an Initial certificate must apply to the New York State Department of Education (SED) for the Professional certificate upon completion of requirements. Please note that when you possess this certificate you must complete 175 hours of professional development every five years to keep this certificate valid. Please click here for a planning form to keep track of your professional development hours.

Internship: To obtain this certificate, students must have a recommendation from a college/university, have completed 50% of an approved graduate teacher education program, and have a job commitment where they can serve their internship. Colleges may require one or more certification exams for this certificate. The Internship certificate is valid for two years and may not be renewed or extended; after two years, you are expected to have completed all requirements, and your college will recommend you for the Initial certificate. The Internship certificate becomes void if you leave or fail to graduate from the program.

Transitional B: This certificate is for individuals enrolled in an alternative certification program, such as New York City Teaching Fellows and Teach for America. This certificate is valid for three years, during which the teacher must meet all requirements for the Initial or Professional certificate through an approved university program. The Transitional B certificate is not transferable between districts and becomes void if you leave employment or do not maintain good standing or fail to graduate from the university program.

Transitional A: This certificate is available to career and technical education (CTE) teachers who are requested for a shortage area (in agriculture, health trades, or a trade subject) by a principal. The teacher must have the required educational and occupational experience to qualify for the certificate. Requirements for an Initial certificate must be completed within three years.

Pupil-Personnel Certificates

Provisional: The Provisional certificate is the entry-level certificate in New York State for certification in pupil personnel service titles (i.e., school counselor, social worker, and school psychologist). The Provisional certificate is valid for five years. Prior to February 2, 2004, the Provisional certificate was the entry-level certificate for classroom teaching titles, but teaching titles have transitioned to Initial certificates. During the five-year life of the Provisional certificate, the holder must meet the requirements for a Permanent certificate and apply to SED for Permanent certification.

Permanent: The Permanent certificate is the second-level certificate in pupil personnel service titles (i.e., school counselor, social worker, and school psychologist) and is issued to holders of a Provisional certificate when they complete the education and experience requirements for the Permanent certificate. The Permanent certificate is continuously valid with no further requirements. (As of February 2, 2004, the Permanent certificate continues to be issued only to holders of Provisional certificates who qualify for and apply for the Permanent certificate in the classroom teaching title for which they currently hold a valid Provisional certificate.)