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Middle School - AFTERNOON Parent-Teacher Conferences
10/27/2016 EARLY DISMISSAL for students in middle school.

*Schools may hold their Parent Teacher Conferences on non-citywide dates. Contact the individual school to confirm dates.


Pupil-Personnel Certification

Types of Certificate

Provisional: The Provisional certificate is the entry-level certificate in New York State for certification in pupil personnel service titles (i.e., school counselor, social worker, and school psychologist). The Provisional certificate is valid for five years. Prior to February 2, 2004, the Provisional certificate was the entry-level certificate for classroom teaching titles, but teaching titles have transitioned to Initial certificates. During the five-year life of the Provisional certificate, the holder must meet the requirements for a Permanent certificate and apply to SED for Permanent certification.

Permanent: The Permanent certificate is the second-level certificate in pupil personnel service titles (i.e., school counselor, social worker, and school psychologist) and is issued to holders of a Provisional certificate when they complete the education and experience requirements for the Permanent certificate. The Permanent certificate is continuously valid with no further requirements. (As of February 2, 2004, the Permanent certificate continues to be issued only to holders of Provisional certificates who qualify for and apply for the Permanent certificate in the classroom teaching title for which they currently hold a valid Provisional certificate.)