Professional Development


Mentoring for New Teachers

If you are a new teacher, your school will assign you a mentor to help you through the challenges of your first year. You will develop a special relationship with your school-based mentor, who is there to help you grow quickly as a teacher. Your mentor will plan with you, view your classroom practice, and conference with you to help you reflect on your teaching practice. Please contact your principal for more information.

Who Must be Mentored?
Teachers with initial certificates and less than two years of full-time prior teaching experience must be mentored.

Mentoring Certification
When you are ready to apply for your Professional Certificate (usually after your third year), you will need to demonstrate proof of completion of a full-year of mentoring. (Expect to meet with your mentor each week for a minimum of two periods.) It is important that your mentoring is documented by your mentor in our on-line Mentor Tracking System (MTS). At the end of each school year, your MTS documentation will be sent by the Division of Human Resources (DHR) to the State Education Department. Once the electronic file is forwarded to the State, DHR will forward a Superintendent Verification of Mentoring Experience letter to your current mailing address. You will then be eligible to apply for your Professional Certification.

Summer New Teacher Orientation
New Teachers will be expected to attend both the Central Professional Learning New Teacher Week in August (budget permitting) and their school specific orientation. Contact your principal for the date of your school specific orientation. You will receive notification of your Central professional learning.

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