Professional Development

Mentor Resources

Role and Responsibilities
Mentoring is a crucial support for the newest members of our profession. For guidance on mentoring, please see the Role and Responsibilities of School-Based Mentors.

Online Tracking and Documentation
Mentors are required to document their support in our on-line documentation system, Mentor Tracking System (MTS). Timely and accurate tracking of your mentoring sessions is critical to the certification of the new teacher.

Mentor Tracking System (MTS)
At the beginning of the school year, teachers who are new to the teaching profession are assigned to a mentor so that they can receive personalized support through their first year of teaching. The updated Mentor Tracking System (formerly known as NTIMS) is used for making mentor matches and documenting the mentoring interactions between mentor and new teacher. For further instructions see the Mentor Guide to Logging Interactions and Accessing Reports

Quality Mentoring
The Professional Teaching Standards (PTS) or The Framework for Teaching provides a research based definition of best teaching practice that can be used as a lens to frame your work in supporting your new teachers.

Positions as Mentors
Experienced teachers who are interested in serving as mentors should contact their principal. There may be limited opportunities for retired teachers or other non-DOE employee with teaching experience, who should also contact individual principals directly.

12-Hour School Based Mentor Training Sessions
School-based mentors can attend a 12-hour course that explores the most effective ways to support their new teacher colleagues. Topics include trust and relationship building, mentor language, mentoring protocols, mentoring tools, adult learning, collecting classroom observational data, non-judgmental feedback, effective questioning techniques, coaching strategies, the Professional Teaching Standards, and the phases of new teacher development. Contact your Teacher Development Specialist for course opportunities. 

Teacher Development Specialist
A key resource in developing a site-based mentoring program and how to best support early career and veteran teachers is the Teacher Development Specialist (TDS).  Each Cluster has an assigned Teacher Development Specialist. This individual is knowledgeable about new teacher growth & development, best mentoring practices, Danielson’s Framework, and the Professional Teaching Standards & the Continuum of Teacher Development.

Teacher Development Specialists:

Cluster 1:  Larry Keasley
Cluster 2:  Tim Gilday
Cluster 4:  Lisa Langer-Baratz
Cluster 5:  Sonya Brown and Ana Crisostomo
Cluster 6:  Anita Dutt
District 75:  Marilyn King and Yvonne Vega