Professional Development

Division of Academics, Performance and Support (DAPS): Mentor Resources for Principals

School Based Mentoring Guide
The Mentoring Guide for Principals provides guidance for implementing best mentoring practices.

School Mentoring Plan Template
Each school with new teachers will develop a mentor plan for mentoring teachers in their first year in the classroom. The plan must be filled out in our on-line mentoring documentation system, the Mentor Tracking System (MTS). Questions about the plan can be directed to your borough’s Teacher Development Specialist. The due date for plans to be submitted is mid-September.

Mentor Tracking System (MTS)
At the beginning of the school year, teachers who are new to the teaching profession are assigned to a mentor so that they can receive personalized support through their first year of teaching.  The Mentor Tracking System is used for making mentor matches and documenting the mentoring interactions between mentor and new teacher. 

Quality Mentoring
Mentoring courses and professional development are offered centrally and Borough-wide. Other opportunities for mentor support exist through geographical cohort group meetings or convening as school based teams.

The Teacher Competencies
The Teacher Competencies are derived from the Framework for Teaching by Charlotte Danielson and identifies the aspects of teacher practice that have been proven to improve student learning. The Framework captures the complexity of teaching while offering practitioners a common language to discuss the many facets of their work.
The Framework identifies four domains of professional practice:

1. Planning and Preparation
2. The Classroom Environment
3. Instruction
4. Professional Responsibilities