How and When to Apply for a Salary Step

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When and how should I apply for a salary step?

What happens after I submit an application; how am I notified of a decision?
What happens if I submit a salary step application after the due date?

Applying for a salary step
If you are a teacher or a school-based staff member, you reported your prior work history as part of your online employment application. This information is automatically sent to the online salary step application in the Payroll Portal.

When you receive your welcome email and access the New Teacher Checklist, you will be asked to go the Payroll Portal and edit/validate the information that has been pre-populated on the form. You must validate/edit your salary step application within six (6) months of your appointment (example: if your appointment date is September 5, 2015, you have until March 31, 2016 to apply without losing retroactivity).

Read a step-by-step guide to applying for salary steps and differentials.

What happens after I submit an application; how am I notified of a decision?
It takes approximately two to four weeks to evaluate the prior work experience you reported in your salary step application. The email address you provide in your application will be used to periodically send you status updates of your application throughout the processing cycle, and will ultimately be used to communicate what salary step you have been placed on.  This will be communicated via the Certificate of Salary Status which will come as an attachment in an email.

  • Appointed Teachers: Your Certificate of Salary Status will list the salary step on which you have been placed as well as the effective date of the salary step assignment and your equate date. This equate date is one of two dates in which you will automatically advance to the next salary step each year (the other is on March 1).

  • Non-appointed Teachers: Your Certificate of Salary Status will list the salary step on which you have been placed (up to a maximum of 4A) as well as its effective date. Keep in mind that non-appointed staff are not assigned an equate date.

Click to see our guide for understanding your Certificate of Salary Status. Be sure to keep your certificate for reference purposes.

The salary corresponding to the salary step you have been assigned will appear in your paycheck within one to two pay periods.

What happens if I don't validate my salary step application?
If you do not validate the form, the Office of Salary Services will validate it on your behalf. If no previous work experience has been entered, you will automatically be placed on Salary Step 1A and granted an equate date that coincides with your first day of employment. Once your salary step application is received, as long as it is received within six months of your start date, the Office of Salary Services will review it to determine if you qualify for additional salary credit. If you do qualify, your new salary step will be retroactive to the date of your appointment. The corresponding salary step increase will be reflected in your paycheck within 4-6 weeks, and any retroactive monies you are owed will appear in a paycheck approximately 3 pay cycles later.

If you do not validate your salary step application until after the six-month deadline, you will be issued a late filing date. Your first payment on the new salary step will begin on the first day of the month after your application was submitted. Late applications are not eligible for retroactivity to the date of appointment.

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If you have questions about applying for a salary step, please contact HR Connect at (718) 935-4000.