Principal Salary and Longevity, Annual Leave, and Cumulative Absence Reserve (CAR) Procedures

Annual Leave Procedures

  • The vacation year for principals commences September 1 and ends August 31.
  • The annual leave entitlement is 27 days per year.
  • An accrual of 2.25 days (2 days-1 hour-45 minutes) will be credited on the 16th day of each month while in active status.
  • Personal business and religious observance days must be charged to annual leave.  These days may no longer be charged to Cumulative Absence Reserves (CAR).
  • All workdays, including the summer are seven (7) hours and fifteen (15) minutes exclusive of a duty free lunch.  Annual leave may be taken in whole days or partial increments.
  • Annual leave must be charged for school closings during winter recess, midwinter recess and spring recess, unless an exception has been granted to work during these periods. Exceptions must be granted by the appropriate superintendent and will only be approved for extraordinary circumstances. If approved to work during these school closings, the Principal's vacation bank will not be charged and s/he will be entitled to take those days at a later date but no later than August 31 of that school year. 
  • Annual leave requests must be arranged mutually with the superintendent.
  • Annual leave should not be charged for days listed in the Chancellor’s Memorandum Re: Scheduled Closings of District and Central Headquarters’ Offices, e.g., Labor Day, Columbus Day, etc.
  • Annual leave cannot be carried over from one year to the next except as specified below:
    Principals may carry up to 4 days annual leave earned during the 1999/2000 school year for future use. These are the only annual leave days that may be carried over from one vacation year to another and once used may not be replenished.

Cumulative Absence Reserve (CAR) Procedures

  • CAR may only be used for personal illness.
  • Principals will earn one sick leave day per month for a total of twelve (12) days per year, which are to be credited on the 16th day of each month while in active status.  The maximum accumulation of CAR is 200 days.