Salary Differential Eligibility Requirements for School Psychologists and School Social Workers

School psychologists and school social workers are eligible for two salary differentials based on academic achievement. They are:

Differential Name

Differential Code (Salary Schedule*)



School Psychologists


60-credit Master’s degree in psychology/social work
OR Master’s degree + 30 credits
OR Master’s degree + 60 credits in psychology/social work

School Social Workers



School Psychologists



School Social Workers


* The code within parentheses—the salary schedule code—will be the code you see on your Certificate of Salary Differential once it is issued.

First Differential

  • Approved 60-credit master’s degree in psychology or social work OR
  • Approved master's degree in psychology or social work (less than 60 credits) plus additional graduate coursework in psychology or social work that when added to the master's degree will total 60 credits OR
  • A master's degree in another approved subject area plus 30 additional graduate credits

If applying additional graduate credits toward the First Differential, they may not be credits used toward or required for the master’s degree.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If any credits were earned prior to the conferral of the master’s degree, an original letter signed by the school’s registrar and bearing the school seal must identify the exact number of credits required for the degree and the number of excess credits. This letter must be submitted, along with your supporting transcripts, as part of your application.
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Second Differential

  • Approved doctorate in social work or any of the eight fields of psychology identified in your United Federation of Teachers agreement.

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