Salary Differential Eligibility Requirements for School Secretaries

School secretaries, including substitute school secretaries on annual salaries, have the possibility of receiving two salary differentials: an Educational Differential and a Professional Differential. These differentials are earned based on satisfactory completion of acceptable coursework beyond what is required for the position.

Differential Name

Differential Code (Salary Schedule*)




60 credits of approved study



Educational Differential plus additional 30 credits in professional area(s)

* The code within parentheses—the salary schedule code—will be the code you see on your Certificate of Salary Differential once it is issued.

Educational Differential

  • Completion of a minimum of 60 credits of approved study as indicated by:
    • A degree from a regionally accredited two-year college OR
    • A two-year degree from a registered business school OR
    • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited four-year college OR
    • Graduation from a four-year high school and completion of 60 credits of approved coursework

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Professional Differential


  • Possession of the Educational Differential AND
  • Satisfactory completion of an additional 30 credits of approved course work in any combination of the following professional areas:
    • Typing
    • Word processing
    • Shorthand, speedwriting, and/or steno typing
    • Office machines and/or office management
    • Computer science and/or computer studies
    • Business administration and/or business English, finance, law, management, organization, statistics, and/or business writing
    • Accounting, bookkeeping and/or commercial arithmetic, banking, budgeting and/or money management
    • One foreign language (a minimum of six credits and a maximum of 12 credits in one language may be offered toward the differential)


  • Courses in insurance, marketing, or taxes are not acceptable for either differential.
  • Courses used to qualify for licensure as a school secretary will also be accepted toward fulfillment of the course requirements for either differential.

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