Salary Differentials

Certain pedagogic titles are eligible to receive salary differentials (i.e., salary increases) upon exceeding the minimum education level required for their positions. Receiving the differential, however, is not automatic. Even though a prospective employee was required to report his or her education in his or her application for employment, a separate salary differential application must be submitted to the Office of Salary Services to be considered for this increase in pay.

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Salary Differential Eligibility

Find the answers to questions like: 

  • Who is eligible to apply for a salary differential?
  • What type of academic experience does and does not qualify for the various salary differentials?

How and When to Apply for a Salary Differential

Find the answers to questions like: 

  • When should I apply for a salary differential?
  • What supporting documentation must I include in my salary differential application?
  • Where can I get assistance in completing the application?
  • How do I submit the application, and what happens next?

Salary Schedules

View salary schedules that list salary amounts corresponding to each salary step and differential.

Salary Differential Frequently Asked Questions
All of the information about salary differentials can be found in the links above. However, you can view the most common questions here.

Salary Differential Application

Access and submit your online salary differential application.