Salary Steps

Salary step placement is based on previous, paid, full-time teaching experience and/or related non-teaching experience.

All appointed teachers and appointed school-based-staff are assigned a salary step and an equate date. Twice each year, these individuals will automatically advance to the next salary step—once on his/her equate date and again every March.

Non-appointed teachers and non-appointed school-based staff advance to the next salary step after 85 days worked, up to a maximum of step 4A.

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Eligibility Requirements
Find the answers to questions like:

  • Who is eligible to apply for a salary step?
  • What type of experience qualifies for salary step increases?

How and When to Apply for a Salary Step

Find out the answers to questions like:

  • When should I apply for a salary step?
  • How do I apply for a salary step?
  • What happens after I submit an application; how am I notified of a decision?

Salary Step and Differential Schedules

View and download the schedules that list salary amounts corresponding to each salary step and differential.

Other Salary Step-Related Situations

Understand other situations that affect salary step status, such as:

  • A withdrawn resignation or a return to the DOE after retirement
  • Loss or restoration of a state license
  • Transition from non-appointed to appointed status

Salary Step Frequently Asked Questions
All of the information about salary steps can be found in the links above. However, you can view the most common questions here.

Salary Step Application and Related Forms

Access the following forms:

  • Salary Step Application
  • Commencement of Service Upon Withdrawal of Resignation or Restoration from Retirement