Teacher and Teaching Assistant (Paraprofessional) Cumulative Absence Reserve (CAR) Procedures


Cumulative Absence Reserve (CAR) Procedures
The School Record of Teacher’s Attendance is the legal record of a teacher's attendance and cumulative absence reserve. The CAR is the legal record of a teaching assistant (paraprofessional's) attendance and cumulative absence reserve. It moves with the teacher or teaching assistant (paraprofessional) if her/his work location changes. Based on the amount of time worked, each employee earns sick leave that can be used as needed for days of illness. The sick time earned is accumulated in the teacher’s CAR bank. The CAR is intended to cover absence due to illness, with the exception that a portion of the reserve may be used for personal business (maximum 3 days per year, two of which may be used to take care of a family member per the collective bargaining agreement.) The maximum number of days a teacher may have in their CAR is 200. Upon retirement teachers are entitled to receive compensation equivalent to 1/2 of the days in the CAR.

Earning CAR Days
Regularly appointed teachers and teaching assistants (paraprofessionals) earn 10 days per year at the rate of one day for each working month. If employment begins on the 15th day or the month or sooner, one day is credited for the month. If employment is terminated on the 16th of the month or after, one day is credited for that month. The CAR cannot exceed 200 days at the end of June. Three of the ten days per year may be used for personal business.

Reporting Absence (Calling in Sick)
A teacher or teaching assistant (paraprofessional) who will be absent from school must notify the school secretary/timekeeper or the Registry Office before school hours so that coverage by substitute can be arranged. If possible please notify the school at least one hour prior to the start of school.