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Supervisory Hiring

Declaring a Vacancy and Assigning an Interim Acting Candidate 

Please be advised, there is a new online application and C-30 tracking system for Principal and Assistant Principal positions. This system is a new module inside the existing framework of Teachers Support Network (TSN). Starting on September 4, 2012, the new system will be used to post Principal or Assistant Principal positions. Please view this brief webcast before you request any Principal or Assistant Principal positions.

To post a Principal or Assistant Principal position after September 4, 2012, a hiring manager (Superintendent for Principal positions; Principal for Assistant Principal positions) must submit an Interim Acting / Request to Post form online in the new system.

Please Note:  The online form will automatically display a Superintendent, Principal, Cluster Leader, Network Leader, and HR Director, based on the school you select. If any of this information is incorrect, or if the school you are looking for does not appear on the drop-down list, please contact your C-30 Coordinator before you submit the form.

Using TSN to Manage Vacancies Posted On or After September 4, 2012

The selection process for principal and assistant principal positions posted on or after September 4, 2012 is conducted via the TSN online application and C-30 tracking system.

Please view this brief Webcast for complete instructions how to post and manage vacancies using TSN.
Click to download a copy of the Full User Guide in PDF format; or download the short guide for the task you need:

Click here to access the new Online Application System (TSN).

Using Open Hire to Manage Vacancies Posted Prior to September 4, 2012

OpenHire will continue to be available to follow through on any principal or assistant principal vacancies posted prior to September 4, 2012 that have not yet been filled. Please download the appropriate "Reviewing Resumes in OpenHire" document below for instructions on how to access and review applications for vacancies.

Please Note: The Web address (URL) for OpenHire changed as of February 2, 2013. The NEW link is:  https://nycdoe.silkroad.com/

Note: Once all open vacancies in OpenHire have been filled, we will no longer use OpenHire for principal or AP vacancies. All new vacancies will be posted in TSN.

Reviewing Resumes in OpenHire: A Quick Guide for Superintendents and Network Leaders

Reviewing Resumes in OpenHire: A Quick Guide for Principals

Conducting a C-30 Process 

Selection for school appointments will be done in accordance with Chancellor’s Regulation C-30

For assistance with the C-30 process, please contact the C-30 Coordinator for your cluster in the Office of Supervisory Support Services at any time.