Teachers, Principals, and School Professionals


The New York State Education Department’s Office of Teaching Initiatives issues all certificates to teach in New York State’s public schools. Learn more about Certification.


Salary information for teachers, teaching assistants (paraprofessionals), principals, and assistant principals.

Professional Development:

Many Professional Development opportunities are available to new and experienced teachers and teaching assistants (paraprofessionals). These activities are designed to improve the quality of classroom instruction; enable individuals to grow professionally; introduce practitioners to the practical applications of research-validated strategies; and help teachers meet their license and salary differentials.

Supervisory Hiring:

Principals and assistant principals are key educational leaders. Filling principal and assistant principal vacancies in a timely manner and with highly qualified candidates is critical for the entire school community’s success.

Click to access Supervisory Hiring resources to assist hiring managers (superintendents for principal positions and principals for assistant principal positions) in declaring and advertising supervisory vacancies, searching for qualified assistant principal candidates, and conducting the C-30 process.

Substitute/Per Diem Employees:

Substitute/Per Diem Teachers and Substitute Paraprofessionals, click to access information about your pay rate, paycheck distribution, certification, and more.