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Materials for the Arts

CASTA: Communication and Socialization Through the Arts: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Students with Autism
Title Download  Size 
CASTA Workshop 1 .pdf  331K
CASTA Workshop 2 .pdf  528K
CASTA Workshop 3 .pdf  160K
CASTA Workshop 4 .pdf  175K
CASTA Workshop 5 .pdf  112K

Arts - CIAE: Creative Integrative Arts Educators Music Theater Curriculum Guide
Title Download  Size 
CIAE Complete Curriculum .pdf  2.3M
CIAE Documentation and P.R. .pdf  1.1M
CIAE Drama .pdf  419K
CIAE Movement .pdf  153K
CIAE Music .pdf  176K
CIAE Visual Arts .pdf  176K
CIAE Writing .pdf  295K

Arts - Strategies and Ideas for Music Teachers
Title Download Size
Sound and Silence (Go and Stop) .pdf  39K
Orchestration .pdf  52K
Dynamics .pdf  55K
Tempo .pdf  52K
Pitch .pdf  41K
Rhythm .pdf  58K
Stories .pdf  40K

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