English Language Learning (ELL)

The purpose of the Office of English Language Learning (ELL) is to ensure equitable standards-based bilingual and ESL educational services for culturally and linguistically diverse special education students and their families.


District 75 serves Limited English Proficient/English Language Learners (LEP/ELLs) between the ages of 4.9 and 21 years with moderate to severe disabilities, across the five boroughs, in 58 school organizations, at over 300 sites. To meet the needs of the diverse LEP/ELL population, District 75 provides an array of unique services, including bilingual and ESL instruction. District 75 instructional programs for ELLs include: Transitional Bilingual Education (TBE) programs and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs. ESL programs consist of push-in/pull-out or self-contained instruction. Students are served by certified special education bilingual teachers, ESL teachers and paraprofessionals, as mandated.


  1. Provide Bilingual/ESL instructional services aligned with the students' IEPs, Common Core Learning Standards, and State and local requirements for the education of LEP/ELL students in standardized and alternate assessment 
  2. Ensure that District and school-based leadership are responsive to the instructional needs and mandates of LEP/ELL students, receiving ongoing technical assistance. 
  3. Improve the identification of students entitled to ESL/bilingual services, the assessment of achievement (LAB-R, Spanish LAB, NYSESLAT, EL SOL) and the collection and review of data to address the needs of LEP/ELL students.
  4. Expand opportunities for parents/families of LEP/ELL students to participate actively in the education of their children and in the decision-making process.

Parent Engagement

  • Oral interpretation, written translation and dissemination of information materials in the family's preferred language
  • Title III ESL program for ELLs and their parents


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