Adapted Books


These are adapted books and materials created with Boardmaker, Writing with Symbols, and PowerPoint software. They have been converted to Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format as well.
Additional Resources
 A Pet, Please!     Holiday Images   P233Q Penny Harvest   
 A-Rod Rocks!   Horses   The Park 
 Animals at the Zoo   How Many People?   Party Time 
 Artist   I Spy: Animals   Pet Store 
 BINGO: Family   I Spy: Jobs   Pizza 
 BINGO: Friends   I Spy: My Neighborhood    Places to Work 
 BINGO: School Jobs   I Spy: Professionals   Potato Chip Rap! 
 Caps for Sale   I Spy: Transportation   Puerto Rico 
 Checking out the 'Hood   IndTech Catalog Books   Reading Center Materials 
 Chinese New Year   Italy and America   Rice 
 Christmas   Jobs Around Us   Shopping with Verbs 
 City-Country Numbers   Let's Eat!   Sneakers Keep the Beat 
 Cleaning My Home   The Library   So Much to See in NYC 
 Color Symbols 3" X 3"   Literacy Vocabulary 3" X 3"   Sports Book
 Coloring CC Board   Making a Piñata   Story Time CC Board
 Communication Boards   Math Vocabulary 3" X 3"   Tiny Seed
 Cook (Let's Get Cooking)   McDonald's Boards   Tom's Day at School 
 Cool! World!   McDonalds Counting   Vacation! Celebration! 
 Donovan McNabb I, II, III    Mealtime CC Board   Valentine 
 Eating at a Restaurant   Money  We Celebrate! 
 Families   Music Center   Weather Report CC Board 
 Fish or People?   My Neighborhood   What Do I Want to Do? 
 Food Choices   New York City and Me   What Goes on My Tortilla? 
 Fire Drill   Out and About in Harlem  What's in My Backpack?  
 Food Prep CC Board     Who Sings? 
 Girls Day Out     Winter
 Grocery Store     Working with Numbers

Additional Adaptive Book Resources
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