Balanced Literacy Initiative: The District Literacy Team plans and implements intensive staff development at all levels in balanced literacy throughout the school year including the summer program. The District Literacy Team plans and conducts training sessions on all aspects of the Balanced Literacy Program as detailed and described in the Department of Education Literacy Instructional Guides.

Fundations (Grades K-3) and Wilson Language Programs (Grades 4-12):  multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham based programs that provide skill development in phonics, fluency, phonemic awareness, vocabulary and spelling and decoding.  

SMILE: is a highly structured, multi-sensory program that engages complex learners in a sequential program beginning with attention and imitation tasks, through phoneme and syllable learning, noun vocabulary, additional vocabulary including verbs, adjectives and adverbs, going on to simple sentences and then short stories. It has proved highly successful with students ranging from preschool through high school age who do not speak, read or write. Schools can request access to the ARIS SMILE community by contacting Raizy Blau at .

Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Project: District 75 will continue to support 14 K-8 schools though onsite coaching and study groups with a focus on the effective implementation of the Writer’s Workshop and the District 75 K-12 Units of Study in Reading and Writing.  Ongoing support includes monthly calendar days at Teacher’s College, establishing collaboration with the assigned mentor school and participating in school inter-visitations.

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