Multiple Disabilities

New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA)

Student Participation
In addition to ongoing participation in standards-based class/school assessments at all age/grade levels, several thousand District 75 students are participating in the New York State Alternate Assessment (NYSAA).

Staff Participation
District 75 has played an active and substantive role in the NYSAA development and implementation process. From 1999 through the present, District 75 has been well represented on the NYSAA Task Force and the NYSAA Training Network.

NYSAA Task Force
The Task Force participated in the following:

  • development of participation criteria
  • creation of examples of assessment tasks
  • development of a scoring rubric
  • review and discussion of issues related to reporting of assessment results, accountability and confidentiality
  • pilot testing of the NYSAA
  • advocacy with regard to concerns/issues conveyed by District 75 school administrators, staff members, parents, and students

NYSAA Training Network
Primary Responsibilities Include:

  • provision of direct training to Assistant Principals of schools with students participating in the NYSAA
  • collection of sample Datafolio Entries (from across the District) for benchmarking purposes
  • participation in NYSAA benchmarking process
  • ongoing participation in Training Network Listserve and subsequent updating of information provided to schools
  • formulation of NYSAA Scoring Decision Rules
  • coordination of local scoring process
    • training of table leaders
    • training of scorers
    • management of scoring sites
    • evaluation of scoring process
    • participation in Reliability Monitoring Review process

District 75 encourages teachers to use Measured Progress ProFile™ for the documentation of their students' datafolios.

If you encounter any access or programming issues please contact technical support as follows:

  • Toll free telephone number 1-866-834-8880

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