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District 75 Adaptive Rowing programs

District 75 Adaptive Rowing Programs is a partnership with Row New York. It provides athletes of all abilities the opportunity to learn the basics of rowing. Athletes will learn the basic rowing terminology, how to use the rowing equipment, safety rules and precautions, as well as the fundamentals of the rowing stroke and boat mechanics.

District 75 Adaptive Swim4Life programs

In partnership with NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, Swim for Life strives to reduce the number of drowning occurrences by teaching NYC students with special needs how to swim so they can learn vital water safety skills, develop healthy fitness habits, and have fun in the water throughout their lives. We targets 6-8 years old because it is an ideal time for them to learn to swim, they are not yet engaged in standardized testing, are eager to learn, have few inhibitions, and have not developed body image concerns.

District 75 Adaptive Tennis programs

District 75 Adaptive Tennis Programs is a partnership with USTA Adaptive Tennis that follows the goal that the tennis is for everyone. For students in District 75, the game of tennis can be adapted to accommodate any age, environment, condition, or disability. Tennis provides an opportunity for positive social interaction. Tennis participation boosts self-esteem and self-confidence, strengthens both motor and eye-hand coordination, and improves flexibility and strength for students at any ability level.

District 75 Mighty Milers programs

In partnership with New York Road Runners , the District 75 Mighty Milers program is a running program for kids of all fitness levels from pre-kindergarten through 21 years of age. It's designed to get kids moving and prevent obesity and illness. Participation in Mighty Milers helps kids build their self-esteem, and learn to make and reach personal goals.

District 75 Summer Golf programs

This ongoing (since 2002) collaboration between North Shore Golf Group and District 75 schools provides opportunities for District 75 students to participate in a sport opportunity that would not be readily accessible. Each year, over 1400 students participate, including students with mobility impairments, students with autism, cognitive and emotional disabilities. The 100 school sites involved participate in a culminating District 75 Summer Golf Tournaments. Our students learn the skills of golf such as chipping, driving, and putting while developing important life skills and social skills such as commitment and sportsmanship. With the support of pedagogic staff, and adaptive golf equipment (i.e. short club) all students learn to adapt their own levels to the sport.

District 75 Rugby Programs

In partnership with Play Rugby USA, the program introduces “flag rugby” to students from different school programs for students with inappropriate social and emotional behaviors. Through school-wide and inter-school play and tournaments, the program fosters both academic skills (sequential learning, abstract thinking) and socialization skills (teamwork, commitment to others, rules of fair play).

District 75 Special Olympics Programs

This program introduces children with intellectual and emotional disabilities to the world of Special Olympics and more formalized interactive sport. It engages children with varying disabilities through developmentally appropriate play activities designed to foster physical, cognitive, and social development. Through the participation of school staff with students, pedagogic staff integrates the full range of the students’ abilities in a “non school-based” atmosphere.

District 75 Wheelchair Sports Programs

Students in wheelchairs participate in all activities as described above, in addition through our partnership with Wheelchair Sports Federation, the District is able to participate in the events that are designed for students with a medically diagnosed, permanent mobility-related disability, that resulted in a substantial loss of function in one or more of the lower extremities. These activities promote the physical well-being of the student in different structure than the ongoing physical and occupational therapy services. These opportunities build cardiovascular ability, upper body strength, and an opportunity for more interactive play with friends and family. The district has an ongoing set of events in this category including:
  • Annual Jana Hunsaker Memorial Wheelchair Tennis Tournament w/Kids Clinic
  • Annual Major League Wheelchair Softball Tournament w/Kids Clinic
  • Adaptive Sports Carnival at Al Oerter Recreation Center

District 75 CHAMPS Yoga Programs

These programs are used for students within various programs in the district. One such use is for students with autism. With the knowledge that many students with autism benefit from structured teaching, the programs include visual structures (program boards, individual student progress charts) socialization activities that include music, storytelling, and read-alouds. The activities and charts can be adapted to each student through the use of various visuals (actual object, photograph, abstract image) and auditory media.
District 75 Get Ready to Learn Programs (GRTL)

The Get Ready To Learn - Yoga Therapy in the Classroom Project began in 2008 in NYCDOE – District 75 Citywide Special Education Program and has expanded to over 40 schools and over 500 classrooms within District 75. The program was designed to address the many classroom issues and behaviors which interfere with learning. The Goal of Get Ready To Learn (GRTL) is to “prepare” all students to be in optimal physical, behavioral and cognitive states for learning and working towards meeting standards in the content areas. The program includes specific routines that incorporate sound, breath work, yoga postures, and deep relaxation adapted for the specific challenges of various disabilities. Participating classes start each day with a therapeutic yoga based movement curriculum that offers students the opportunity to reduce stress, increase alertness and develop social emotional literacy. The program is also designed to improve self regulation, enhance communication (listening and speaking/receptive and expressive) and improve sustained attention, as well as motor performance and planning, auditory and task performance. After successful pilot study, research was conducted in collaboration with New York University. We examined the effectiveness of the Get Ready to Learn (GRTL) classroom yoga program among children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Students in the GRTL program showed significant decreases (p < .05) in teacher ratings of maladaptive behavior, as measured with the Aberrant Behavior Checklist, compared with the control participants. This study demonstrates that use of daily classroom wide yoga interventions has a significant impact on key classroom behaviors among children with ASD

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