School Health Services are designed to address the specific health needs of the student and to ensure a safe educational environment that allows the student to benefit from his/her primary educational program. School Health Services are also designed to enhance the student's ability to access the least-restrictive environment and participate to his/her full potential within it. School Health Services may be provided by a professional registered nurse or a paraprofessional. The nature of the health services determines whether they are provided by a nurse or a paraprofessional.

School health services that can be provided by a paraprofessional are designed to provide students with assistance in activities of daily living (ADL), and usually include, but are not limited to, transfers from wheelchair to adaptive equipment, ambulation assistance, diapering and toileting assistance, feeding, dressing, managing orthotics and use of assistive communication or writing devices.

Medical documentation by a licensed physician or nurse practitioner is necessary before School Health Services can be provided by either a professional registered nurse or paraprofessional.

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