Physical Therapy (PT)

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is one of the related services under Part B of IDEA that may be provided to support a student's Individualized Education

Role of the School-based Physical Therapist
School-based PTs work collaboratively with the student's IEP team and participate in evaluation,
program, planning, intervention, and monitoring the outcome of the intervention.

School-based PTs assess the gross motor skills of students with atypical development including balance, coordination, posture, and mobility within the school environment. They identify possible architectural barriers; evaluate seating and positioning needs; provide equipment recommendations.

School-based PTs help define student strengths and needs and their impact on school performance. Interventions may or may not be provided directly with the student. Collaborating with school staff to modify the student's environment and their daily school activities is always a part of school therapy.

School-based PTs help train school staff on ways to incorporate interventions and practice of motor skills into the classroom schedule.

Physical Therapy Service Delivery
If PT is written into the IEP, services may be provided in multiple environments including the classroom, cafeteria, hallway, computer lab or gymnasium.

Physical Therapy is delivered in such a way that allows the student to continue his/her daily education schedule, with the least amount of interruption possible, and the least amount of attention directed toward his/her disability.

Dismissal from School Therapy
The decision to discontinue therapy is made by the IEP team. This may occur when the student is no longer eligible for special education; when other members of the IEP team can provide the necessary interventions or when the student can perform school tasks without therapeutic intervention.

Physical and Occupational Therapy Forms

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