Related Services

Related services are defined as developmental, corrective and other support services required to assist a student with a disability to benefit from instruction. Based upon a student's Individualized Educational Program (IEP), related support services may be provided.

A student's related services may change from pre-school to school-age, as children's needs change as they get older. Related services may be the only special education service given to a child, or they may be provided along with other special education services such as special class services. Related services are intended to assist the student to: meet the objectives of his or her instructional program; be involved in the general education curriculum; experience success in his or her classroom setting; and be educated with nondisabled peers.

The following related services may be provided:

In the event that a Department of Education (DOE) provider is not available, the Office of Related and Contractual Services (ORCS) for District 75 will issue a transmittal to a contracted agency.  If the agency is not available, the parent will be issued a RSA (Related Service Authorization) to allow a family to secure an independent provider paid for by the Department of Education. A Municipality List of Independent Providers and a Municipality

A form entitled "List of NYC Department of Education Clinicians and Therapists Approved to Provide Related Services as Independent Providers" will accompany the RSA. The Independent provider will come to the school or the child's home, or a caregiver may take the child to the practitioner’s office (carfare reimbursement is available). The DOE provider who is serving a child as an independent can only serve a child before or after school hours. 

For any questions regarding the RSA process contact Maria Leo at 212-802-1535 for assistance.

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