Strategies, Techniques, Options, Prior to Placement (STOPP)

The STOPP initiative is designed by District 75 to provide onsite clinical behavior consultation to community elementary school staff. The District 75 STOPP initiative started in the 2007-08 school year in an early intervention effort to expand external partnerships and outreach to community elementary schools. We aim to build capacity of behavior knowledge and share out D75 behavior expertise with the community schools that have requested D75 Behavior Support. As part of DSwDELL, STOPP works collaboratively within NYC DOE citywide structures- Children’s First Networks/Clusters. The goal of STOPP is educate students who exhibit challenging behaviors in their home zoned school in the least restrictive environment and prevent future behavior challenges through support and implementation of RTI/PBIS.

 Clinical Behavior Consultation Services

  • STOPP Behavior Therapists are mental health professionals that provide behavioral support to community schools by assisting school staff in developing behavior toolkits which identify and resolve events occurring due to disruptive behaviors by at risk and high need students.
  • STOPP Behavior Therapists provide direct individual consultation in classrooms, professional development in behavior management, understanding function of behavior, crisis intervention, Mental Health Issues of Children in School, behavior team consultation and enhancement of Pupil Personnel Teams within the Response to Intervention (RTI)/Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) models.
  • STOPP Behavior Therapists teach school staff to collect behavioral data efficiently in order to address student behavior and emotional needs, develop and implement FBA/BIPs and individual crisis management plans.

 Criteria for D75 STOPP Clinical Behavior Consultation Services

In order for schools to receive onsite behavior support, District 75 STOPP Behavior Therapists advise CFN staff to attend D75 STOPP trainings first and then recommend schools that would most benefit from onsite D75 STOPP clinical behavior support.

Currently, D75 STOPP works with elementary schools who meet the following criteria: 

  • The school has a team including an Administrator that has been trained in Universal PBIS by RSE-TASC/CFN or D75 STOPP RTI for Behavior Teams.
  • School has a behavior team including an Administrator that is willing to participate in TCIS with D75 STOPP.

For D75 STOPP Professional Development:

STOPP Forms, Files & Resources
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