Office of School Safety, PBIS and Suspensions

School SafetyThe mission of the Office of Safety and Suspensions is to help schools create and maintain safe and supportive environments for students, staff and the school community. School climate has a significant effect on students’ academic achievement and behavior, and as such, our focus is to assist schools in developing systems and structures for teaching expected behaviors and social skills. Schools are trained by a team of PBIS Behavior Specialists to make decisions regarding discipline, academic and social/emotional skill development through rigorous analysis of data. The Office of Safety and Suspensions provides effective and evidence-based resources shown to improve school climate and reduce behavioral problems. These resources provide schools with tools to help improve and support all aspects of instructional programming, utilizing a Response to Intervention/PBIS (RtI/PBIS) model.

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a systems approach to creating and maintaining positive school climate. This evidence-based framework emphasizes preventing school discipline problems. PBIS provides ideas to support teaching, modeling and recognizing positive and appropriate behavior in schools. PBIS frameworks enable schools to sustain a safe and supportive learning environment (see

Office of Safety and Suspensions support includes:
  • Staff professional development in best practices
  • Guiding school-based teams in building primary, secondary and tertiary prevention systems through a three-tiered model
    • Tier One: School/Classroom wide systems for all students, staff and settings
    • Tier Two: Specialized Group and students with at-risk behaviors
    • Tier Three: Individualized for students with high risk behaviors
  • Guidance in the Weighted Incident Exemption Process
  • Technical Assistance in all aspects of Safety, PBIS, and Suspension
  • District 75 follows the Chancellor's Regulations for suspensions.

Professional Development

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