Forms and Files

General Forms
"Give Me 20" and "Daily Plan It"
Hi 5 Communication Plan
Classroom Layouts
Lyrical Language

General Forms

Title Download Size
AAC Support Rubric .pdf Adobe Acrobat 14K

Checklist For Dynamic Display Device (Beginner)

.doc Microsoft Word 25K
.pdf Adobe Acrobat 25K
Checklist for Dynamic Display Device (Intermediate-Advanced) .doc Microsoft Word 25K
.pdf Adobe Acrobat 25K

Checklist For Display Device with Semantic Compaction (Beginner)

.doc Microsoft Word 26K
.pdf Adobe Acrobat 27K

Checklist for Dynamic Display Device with Semantic Compaction (Intermediate-Advanced)

.doc Microsoft Word 26K
.pdf Adobe Acrobat 27K
Checklist for Static Display Device .doc Microsoft Word 28K
.pdf Adobe Acrobat 15K
Disposal of Obsolete AAC Device .pdf Adobe Acrobat 957K
Disposal of Obsolete AAC Device Directions .pdf Adobe Acrobat 44K
IEP: New SOPM Procedure for Adding AT to IEP .pdf Adobe Acrobat 38K
IndTech Catalog 2011-2012 .pdf Adobe Acrobat 3M
Principals Handbook-AT .pdf Adobe Acrobat 43K
Promoting Access for 12:1:4 Classrooms .pdf Adobe Acrobat 330K
Recommendations for 12:1:4 Programs .pdf Adobe Acrobat 10K
Recommendations for 6:1:1 Programs .pdf Adobe Acrobat 10K
Repair Procedure for IEP-Driven AAC/Computer Device .doc Microsoft Word 23K
.pdf Adobe Acrobat 13K
SBST/IEP TEAM'S GUIDE in Requesting for an AT Evaluation .pdf Adobe Acrobat 92K
Transferring Schools Form .pdf Adobe Acrobat 45K

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Title Download Size
Social Pages for DV4/MT4 .pak 39K
(How to import package from USB device - DV4/MT4) .htm webpage  
(How to link between pages - DV4/MT4) .htm webpage  
Social Pages for Mighty MO/Mini MO .pak 526K
(How to import package from USB device - Mighty/Mini) .htm webpage  
(How to link between pages - Mighty/Mini) .htm webpage  

Note: Copy the .pak file to your USB drive in order to transfer it to your Dynavox device. Follow the directions above to import packages and link between pages.

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"Give Me 20" and "Daily Plan It"

Title Download Size
A Day in the Life of a 12:1:4 Student (Blurb) .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 34K
Daily Plan .doc Microsoft Word 46K
Give Me 20 Model Dialogs .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 41K
Give Me 20 Main Board (Manual Display) .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 52K
.bm2 Boardmaker 227K
Give Me 20 Word List .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 34K
Lesson Plan Blank - Revised .doc Microsoft Word 47K
Lesson Plan Template- Revised .doc Microsoft Word 55K
Big Mak Symbols .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 36K
.bm2 Boardmaker 50K
Big Mak Symbols 1 .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 74K
.bm2 Boardmaker 46K
Big Mak Symbols 2 .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 70K
.bm2 Boardmaker 46K
Big Mak Symbols 3 .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 68K
.bm2 Boardmaker 44K
Big Mak Symbols Mealtime .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 66K
Go Talk 4 .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 90K
.bm2 Boardmaker 70K
Go Talk 9+ .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 158K
.bm2 Boardmaker 132K
Go Talk 20 .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 238K
.bm2 Boardmaker 215K
Notepads .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 213K
.bm2 Boardmaker 195K
Partner 2 More-Fin .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 57K
.bm2 Boardmaker 28K
Partner 2 Yes No .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 38K
.bm2 Boardmaker 11K
Partner 4 .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 135K
.bm2 Boardmaker 86K
Simon Says - A SmartBoard activity to use to engage in play routine. (You will need Intellitools Classroom Suite 4 to run "Simon Says") .ics   63K
SuperTalker 8 .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 125K
.bm2 Boardmaker 96K
Talker 2 .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 40K
.bm2 Boardmaker 11K
Talker 2A .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 59K
.bm2 Boardmaker 28K
Talker 4 .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 70K
.bm2 Boardmaker 38K
Tech Speak .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 241K
.bm2 Boardmaker 211K
Tech Talk .pdf  Adobe Acrobat 136K
.bm2 Boardmaker 96K

Hi 5 Communication Program

Title  Download  Size 
Summary of Hi 5 .doc  26K
Symbols - 4 inch .pdf  33K
Mini Hi 5 .pdf  17K
Tech Four .pdf  31K
Communication Builder 8 .bm2 Boardmaker 54K
.pdf  28K
Cheap Talk 4 .bm2 Boardmaker 63K
.pdf  31K
Cheap Talk 8 .pdf  28K
Data Sheet 2 .bm2 Boardmaker 69K
.pdf    48K
Dynavox .bm2 Boardmaker 42K
.pdf  25K

Physical Class Layout Options

6:1:4 Layout .jpg 135K
12:1:4 Layout .jpg  153K
12:1:4 Layout (option 2) .jpg  138K
Collaborative .jpg  178K

Adapted Materials - Lyrical Language

Hi Hello ,mp3  2.3M 
Hi Hello Slideshow w/ music .pps  11M
House Rules .mp3  1.8M
Teaching "House Rules" Slideshow .ppt 955K
Use Your Words .mp3  1.8M


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