Assistive Technology Resources


AAC Intervention - Augmentative/alternative communication intervention products and presentations. Includes teacher activites and classroom ideas.

Ability - A vast website from Gloucestershire UK, with A-Z health and disabilities index, search engine,many assistive technology links including powered mobility and environmental accessibility resources, kid's page, pen pals, BBS, and virtual classifieds.

Ability Magazine - Commercial disability magazine with extensive resources and internet links.

Adaptive Technology Resource Center - ATRC's website at the University of Toronto's features universal internet access project and technology glossary.

Alliance for Technology Access - Network of community based resource centers across the country includes links, internet access and assistive technology vendors.

ASHA American Speech-Language Association's augmentative and alternative communication division coordinated by Dr. Lyle L. Lloyd. It includes membership and resource information.

Augmentative Communication Consulting Inc. Information on selected augmentative communications devices, picture symbol systems, books, software, switches, and switch assessment.

Closing the Gap - Online newsletter and resource library for augmentative communication and computer access devices.

Cornucopia of Disability Information - SUNY Buffalo's disability resource website features computing and technology transfer resources, and many other disability-related links. - Products and services for parents and educators of children with disabilities.

DisABILITY information and resources - J. Lubin's extensive list of disability links on the web.

Disability Resources -'s informative resource guide to disabilities.

Do 2 Learn - Games , songs, communication cards, print resources, and information for special needs.

EASI: Access to information for persons w/disabilities - Equal Access to Software Information website hosted by the American Association of Higher Education featuring online workshops, general resources,information for service providers, Information Technology and Disabilities journal online current and back issues.

IBM Special Needs Solutions - Screen Reader/2 and Screen Magnifier/2, Speechviewer, web links and a guide to creating accessible web sites.

Mainstream Magazine - Online weekly news,advocacy and lifestyle magazine for people with disabilities.

Microsoft Disabilities Resources - Information for software developers and users about accessibility features in the Windows operating system.

NCIP - National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education through Technology, Media and Materials. Online workshops, downloadable demos, extensive online library of resource files. Downloadable previews of video profiles of students using assistive technology.

New York State TRE - Technology Resources for Education Center. "Beginner's guide to internet resources for the visually impaired" and resource links.

RESNA - Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America. Certification program for service providers. Technical assistance grant funding information. Resource links.

TRACE Searchable online database for assistive technology and aac products, services and publications.


Ability Research - Online catalog information for the ActionVoice digitized voice-output communication device with switch controller and auditory scanning. Also the Light Beam headpointer and Light operated ability switch.

Adaptive Computer Systems, Inc. - Eye mouse emulator and Visual keyboard onscreen keyboard for Windows. Also Visual Surfboard onscreen internet access for Windows.

Adaptive Tech Solutions - Providing affordable adapted toys, equipment for low tech communication, assistive technology devices, and information to increase the independence of children and adults with disabilities.

 - The ICanGo Box adapts rideable 6 and 12 volt toy vehicles for switch access. Also ICanGo software adventures for PC and Mac. Links to Reach Inc. for more switch adapted toys.

Assistive Technology,Inc. - Manufacturers of the Mercury and Gemini fully-integrated computer systems and AAC devices in one, and the LINK, a standard-sized keyboard that talks featuring DECtalk high-quality speech output.

Aurora Systems - Word prediction and speech output software for Windows.

Crestwood Company - Low tech communication aids including ability switches, switch-adapted toys, and the handheld Crespeaker.

Don Johnston, Inc. - Vast online catalogue of software and peripheral products for computer access, including Write:Out Loud talking word processor for PC and Mac, Co:Writer word prediction for PC and Mac, Talk:About augmentative communication software and Discover:Switch, Discover:Screen and Discover:Board alternate access for Macintosh. Many single-switch accessible software programs. Also Tech Tips and FAQs.

Dragon System - Dragon Dictate voice recognition software for Windows and Power Secretary voice recognition software for Macintosh.

Dynavox Technologies - DynaVox has created quality tools that help people with speech, language, learning, and physical disabilities communicate and take control of their lives. Recently merged with Mayer-Johnson Company.

Edmark - Switch-accessible educational software with online ordering and tech support. Early Learning house series, Imagination Express, Kid Desk, Thinkin' Things series, Strategy Challenges and Mighty Math series. Downloadable game demo. Also Spanish language versions of many titles and the Touch Window touchscreen for PC and Macintosh computers.

Enabling Brailer Technologies - Braillers (manufacturer, not vendor).

Enabling Devices/Toys for Special Children – Online and print catalog offering more than 800 assistive and adaptive technology products including communicators, capability switches, adapted toys and electronics. Supplier to District 75 for more than 15 years. Products available on FAMIS.

Enabling Devices/Toys for Special Children – Online and print catalog offering more than 800 assistive and adaptive technology products including communicators, capability switches, adapted toys and electronics. Supplier to District 75 for more than 15 years. Products available on FAMIS.

Frame Technologies  - Low tech digitized voice output devices, including Voice-in-a-Box, microVOICE, and talkPAD.

Gus, Inc.  - Dynamic display augmentative communication software for IBM compatible PCs . Also Gus! talking onscreen keyboard for Windows with word prediction, abbreviation expansion and speech output.

Humanware - Online catalog of Low Vision, Braille, Optical Scanner and Speech output products. CCTV, braillers, and readers.

Infogrip - BAT one-handed ergonomic keyboard for Macintosh and PC.

Intellitools - Intellikeys alternative keyboard and custom overlays for many popular educational software programs for PC and Macintosh computers. Intellitalk talking word processor, Click-It switch access software. Technical support, customer service and links to other resource sites on the web.

Judy Lynn Software - Single switch software for students with disabilities from cognitive age 9 months, for IBM compatible PCs.

Laureate Learning Systems - Extensive catalogue of special needs software, designed for touch window and single-switch scanning, including Sequential Software for Language Intervention and Development. Apple, Mac and Windows platforms. Ordering information, customer support, free CD-ROM demos.

LC Technologies - Eyegaze system for people with severe motor disabilities to control PC compatible computer.

LD Resources - Formerly Poor Richard's software, learning disability programs and resource links for Macintosh.

Matias Corporation - Half-Qwerty one-handed keyboard software for PC and Macintosh. Downloadable demos.

Maxi Aids - Distributor of many products for people with disabilities. Downloadable catalogues.

Mayer-Johnson Company - The web site features online prices and product descriptions of Speaking Dynamically, Boardmaker, and other software products for Augmentative Communication, as well as a range of books and the Mayer-Johnson Picture symbols for manual communication boards. Boardmaker is used extensively throughout District 75. See Adapted Books for examples.

Origin Instruments - Head mouse for desktop and portable computers, SofType onscreen keyboard for Windows, Dragger single-click mouse function controller.

Prentke-Romich - Major vendor of augmentative communication devices, such as the Pathfinder, Vanguard, Vantage and Springboard. Website includes lesson plans and materials, information about Unity language, and downloads.

RJ Cooper - Special needs software, including a variety of single-switch early learning programs like: Rad Sounds and 101 Animations, Biggy cursor enlargement, S.A.M. switch adapted mouse, CrossScanner single-switch mouse emulation for Apple, Mac and Windows. Downloadable demos. Also the Switch-adapted Cooper Car.

Simtech - Hyperstudio-based switch-accessible software for people with disabilities.

Telesensory - CCTV magnification systems, Braille, Large print and OCR software for Windows, Unix and OS/2 computers. VTEK video magnification systems. BrailleMate handheld note taker.

Troll Touch - Touchscreen access for laptop and desktop PCs and Macintosh.

Words+ This website has an online catalog of Words+ augmentative communication devices such as the Messagemate (a portable digitized speech device of up to 40 messages), Pegasus LITE (a windows-based touch screen device with synthesized speech), and downloadable demos and updates for E Z KEYS and Talking Screen keyboards for windows.

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