Transition of D. 75 Alternate High School Students

The Office of Transition Services is pleased to present the 2011-12 D. 75 High School Directory for our 8th grade alternate assessment students. This resource should be with your teachers, counselors, students and their families. Our purpose is to give students a choice of schools they can attend dependent on their particular career and vocational goals. We understand that many of our potential students are not travel trained as yet and will require bussing. This has to be taken into consideration when deciding upon a school placement. OPT will bus up to a maximum of 90 minutes in borough and 105 minutes across boroughs.

We encourage you to engage our 8th grade alternate assessment students and families in a review and discussion of their potential choices, as it pertains to our students’ respective measurable postsecondary goals. As we need to know your students' choices as soon as possible, we are attaching a sheet for each of them to fill out with their families and return to you and then a summary sheet for your school. These school summary sheets are due to Stacey Minondo by March 22nd.

Thank you for your assistance.