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This online guide will help explain what Transition services are and what services and supports District 75 can provide.
  • What is Transition?
  • How Does it Work?
  • Areas of Transition

What is Transition?

The transition process is a set of coordinated activities that are designed to help your son or daughter move smoothly from school to adult life. This process formally begins when your child reaches the age of 14. Transition planning is part of the IEP process, and will be reviewed each year. These planning sessions will identify desired outcomes and develop action plans in the areas of:

  • Legal/Advocacy
  • Personal Independence/Residential
  • Recreation/Leisure
  • Financial/Income
  • Medical/Health
  • Employment (with or without supports)
  • Transportation
  • Vocational Training/Continuing Post-Secondary Education 
  • Other Individual and Family Support Needs and Services

Using Person-Centered Planning techniques, the Transition process focuses on your son or daughter's interests and abilities in developing a plan for the future.

Early Planning is Essential

  • There is NO GUARANTEE of a job, day program, or residence once your son or daughter leaves school.
  • It provides more time to explore options and alternatives with representatives from school and other outside agencies.
  • It will help your son or daughter get appropriate services upon graduation.
  • It will help get support from agencies (other than the NYC Department of Education) that can be put in place while your child is still in school.
  • It will identify skills to be developed that will lead to greater participation in the community for your son or daughter.
  • It helps to focus on all your child's needs.
  • It relieves anxiety for your entire family when a plan is formulated.

How Does it Work?

The individual plan will be developed by a team which includes the student, his/her parent(s), school staff important to the student, and outside agency personnel. Other family members and significant others should also be invited. Specific tasks may be assigned to each member of the team to help your son or daughter achieve his or her long-term goals. The Transition Linkage Coordinator (TLC) will be the liaison at the school.

The Transition Plan will be updated as needs and interests change. The goals will be based on your child's (and your family's) dreams and desires. The plan will be built upon your child's strengths and abilities.

What You Can Do Now

  • Talk to your child about what he/she wants to do when he/she leaves school.
  • See the Transition Linkage Coordinator (TLC) at your child's school for more information about these topics.
  • Visit the Family Support Fair in your borough.
  • Join your borough’s OPWDD or Mental Health Council.
  • Investigate other services and programs for your son/daughter and family (e.g., family support services, SSI/Medicaid, Service Coordination).
  • Get your child out into the community at an early age.
  • Use the public transportation system with your child.
  • Review Guardianship and Estate Planning issues.

Additional Information and Assistance

The District 75 Office of Transition Services and Career and Technology Education can provide additional information and assistance relating to a variety of topics, including:

  • Adult Service Options
  • Family Support Services
  • Clinical Services
  • Community Resources
  • Person Centered Planning
  • Self-Advocacy

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