District 75 Featured in APA Monitor article on Emotional Literacy

Another tool for special ed
Social and emotional learning programs appear to benefit children with disabilities.

Educators at Special Education District 75 in New York City have their work cut out for them, overseeing the schooling of 23,000 students who have mental or physical disabilities including autism, psychological disturbances, blindness, deafness, mental retardation and severe learning disabilities.

Many have emotional overlays to these problems as well, says district superintendent Bonnie Brown.

“Our students are here because they are too disruptive, aggressive, self-injurious or dangerous to other students to be maintained in the mainstream school down the block that their siblings attend,” she says. To draw value from their education, “we need them to be able to recognize what is going on inside themselves, label it and understand it, and hopefully in the end, be able to regulate their own behavior.”

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