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College and Career Readiness

The ESI Strategy

Expanded Success Initiative (ESI) is setting a higher bar for the long-term educational outcomes of the City’s black and Latino young men, ensuring that they are prepared to graduate high school prepared for college and career pathways.

40 ESI high schools were selected for investment and research based on a competitive design challenge, which asked schools to propose strategies that work to raise the bar within three inter-related core areas of school operation: academic rigor, youth development, and school culture. Selected schools began implementing their designs beginning with the entering 9th grade class in Fall 2012. This investment will be felt more broadly as the lessons learned from these schools are translated into systemic reform across the City.

The ESI New School Design

Launched in July 2013, the ESI School Design Fellowship brings together a diverse cadre of emerging school leaders who bring unique and complementary talents to the school design process. The fellows are all educators with expertise in the fields of youth and community development, education technology and entrepreneurship, as well as school leadership and teaching. Click on the video below to find out more.

  • ESI has initiated a research and design process, the ESI School Design Fellowship, to develop a new school model that can achieve breakthrough results in terms of college and career outcomes for Black and Latino youth.