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ShopDOE Purchasing Planning Portal

The ShopDOE purchasing planning portal – a web-based tool that allows users to browse a catalog of products offered by DOE-contracted vendors – has a new look. The portal was recently updated with the same state-of-the-art search capabilities found on many online retail sites. By signing in as a “non-DOE employee” with your own personal email address or that of your school, you will be able to browse a large selection of electronics, books, software, and other media available at DOE-contracted prices. Non-public schools can even refine their search so that only “NYSTL Approved” items are returned in the search results.

Although you will not be able to proceed directly to checkout in FAMIS just yet, you can share your shopping cart’s contents with the person at your school who is responsible for placing orders: either email the cart’s contents as a “shopping list”, or save the list as an excel spreadsheet or PDF document and then share. Note that additional enhancements will be implemented in the future to allow non-public schools to proceed directly to checkout within FAMIS.

To help you navigate the revamped ShopDOE tool, review our Non-Public School ShopDOE Guide.

For additional information or assistance in navigating ShopDOE, please contact the DOE’s Finance Service Center:

(718) 935-5000