Teacher’s Choice

2014-2015 Teacher's Choice Eligibility Requirements

New York City Department of Education employees who are actively employed as of November 1, 2014 are eligible to receive Teacher’s Choice funding. Eligible titles are listed in the following table:

New York City Department of Education Titles

Teachers - Teaching Titles include the following: General Education Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Staff Developers, Teacher Trainers, Coaches, Library Teachers, Attendance Teachers, Speech Teachers, Adult Education Teachers and *Permanent Substitute Teachers /ROTC Instructors.
Clinicians - Guidance Counselors, Social Workers and School Psychologists
Laboratory Specialists
**High School Assistant Principals
School Secretaries

To determine the funding amount for your title, please click on your respective category.

  • Absent Teacher Reserve (ATR) staff in the above titles who meet eligibility requirements will also receive funding. 
  • *Permanent Substitute Teachers/ROTC Instructors with a ‘5BA’, 5BP or TBR’ status in their EIS profile must submit S/R Certification.
  • **High School Assistant Principals who teach at least one High School class must submit HSAP Certification.