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The following are advertisements for items no longer required by the respective school/site. If you are interested in securing anything advertised herein, please contact the school/site directly.  Advertisements will be removed from this site two (2) weeks from the date of posting.

Other Department of Education Facilities

Except for possible transportation costs between sites, these items are listed for transfer free of charge.

Other Than Department of Education Facilities

Organizations outside the DOE may request an advertised item (there may be expenditures involved) provided no interest has been expressed by a DOE facility. 

If your school has an item to post

Please do the following if your school/site has equipment that is no longer needed at the location (obsolete equipment):

1. Review the SOP chapter on Inventory, which can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

2. Complete the Disposition of Obsolete Equipment form, which can be accessed through the FAMIS Portal.

April 4, 2014

Location Information

School/Site: Division Non-Public Schools
Region: 65 Court Street - Room 922B, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Telephone: (718) 935 - 3941
Fax: (718) 935 - 5902

Contact Information

Name: Michael Stoff
Title: Senior Instructional Program Specialist
Telephone: (718) 935 - 3941

Item Information

Available Items

For a Lexmark C920 Printer:

  • 3 Black, 1 Magenta, 3 Yellow and 3 Blue cartridges
  • 3 Rollers
  • 1 tray
  • 1 Photodeveloper

April 11, 2014

Location Information

School/Site: Williamsburg HS for Architecture & Design
Region: DBN # 14K558
Telephone: 718-388-1260 ext. 2271

Contact Information

Name: Mr. Rudy Cruz
Title: Business Manager
Telephone: 718-388-1260 ext. 2271

Item Information

These items are free, but receiver will have to arrange and cover cost of removal from school building and delivery. These items are in good condition and are available for pick-up, preferably in June but no later than June 27, 2014

Available Items

Fifty-four (54) Laptops

Manufacturer: Dell
Model #: Latitude D630 & Latitude D631
Operating System: Windows XP
Purchase Date: March 2008

Details: These laptops are functional, come with Microsoft Office 2007 suite (which include Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint), Adobe Creative Suite (CS4), and Internet Explorer. The majority of the laptops come with power adaptors, but they require new batteries in order to function when not plugged into an outlet. The FAMIS numbers for the power adaptor is 311876935. The FAMIS number for the battery is 310984149. Please note that due to the age of these machines, the DOE Helpdesk may choose not to service these laptops.

Fifteen (15) VGA Video Splitter/Extenders
Manufacturer: CablesToGo
Model #:  29550

Details: They are brand new devices and their boxes have never been opened. Device can be used to transmit video across long distances, for use on a SmartBoard for instance. According to description on the box, use device to: Split VGA signal to multiple monitors; Suitable for XGA, SVGA, VGA and multi-sync monitors; Extends transmission up to 210 feet; Durable all-metal housing; No software required.