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The following are advertisements for items no longer required by the respective school/site. If you are interested in securing anything advertised herein, please contact the school/site directly. Advertisements will be removed from this site two (2) weeks from the date of posting.

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Except for possible transportation costs between sites, these items are listed for transfer free of charge.

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  1. Review the SOP chapter on Inventory
  2. Complete the Disposition of Obsolete Equipment form, which can be accessed through the FAMIS Portal

June 6, 2014

Location Information
School/Site: Division of Financial Operations
65 Court Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201
Telephone: 718-935-2342

Contact Information
Name: Christina Ozata
Telephone: 718-935-2342

Item Description:
5 - Ricoh 1160 Black Toner Cartridges

June 04, 2014

Location Information
School/Site: H.S. of Telecommunication Arts & Technology
Region: 20k485
350 67th Street, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11220
Telephone: 718-759-3402

Contact Information
Name: Kathy Carioti
Title: Purchasing Secretary
Telephone: 718-759-3402

Item Descriptions:

  1. Anchor Powered Speaker Model An100 J993415
  2. Anchor Powered Speaker Model An100 S/N J993456458
  3. Bell & Howell Cassette Player Model 1592c S/N 7180024 
  4. Bell & Howell Cassette Player Model 3185a 
  5. Bogen Tripod Model 3040 
  6. Bogen Dolly Model 3067 (2)
  7. Bogen Fluid Head Model 3147-10 (2)
  8. Crown Audio Powered Amplifier Model D75 S/N 038402 
  9. D & Son Tripod (2) 
  10. Delta Workstation Model 2r48
  11. Denon Mini Disc Recorder Model Dnm1050r S/N 1501162
  12. Denon Cd Player Model Dnt620 S/N 74106045 
  13. Fisher VCR Model # Fvh-61
  14. Gems Model Pa-500
  15. JBL Speakers Pair Hanging Model Control5b
  16. Jems 299gb Cheetah Drive Model D2lw18bl2x S/N Jduo28996 (2)
  17. JVC Video Cassette Recorder Model Br-S822dxu
  18. JVC Video Monitor Color Model Tm-22u S/N 07305326 (4)
  19. JVC Video Monitor Color Model Tm-22u S/N 09305396 (3)
  20. JVC Video Monitor Model Tm1600 S/N 13450069 (2)
  21. JVC Video Monitor Model Tm-1600su S/N 13450069
  22. JVC 3ccd Color Camera Model Ky19uch S/N 12452159 (2)
  23. JVC Adaptor Model Ka27u S/N 12454498 (2)
  24. JVC Manual Focus Control Modelhzfm1
  25. JVC Monitor Model Bmh1300su S/N17351184 (4)
  26. JVC Remote Control Unit Model Rm-P200 (3)
  27. JVC Studio View Finder Model Vfp400 S/N 12455287 (2)
  28. Kramer Video Switcher Scanner Model Vs-16n S/N 572709
  29. Eitch Bars/Black/Id/Tone Generator Model 1302bb S/N 9930455
  30. Ink Audio Da Model Iec740 S/N 956
  31. Lowell Action Light Kit Model 0192
  32. Lowell Action Light Kit Model 0192 (2)
  33. Mackie Audio Mixer Model 1202vlzpro S/N 13u22145
  34. Magni Vfm/Vectorscope Model Mm400 S/N 13211a
  35. Agniwfm/Vectorscope Model Mm400 S/N 13228a
  36. Marantz Portable Cassette Recorder Model Pmd 22
  37. Panasonic Dvc Pro Editing Recorder Model Aj-D450 S/N J9trb0022
  38. Panasonic S-VHS Camcorder Model Ag456u S/Nj9hb00307
  39. Panasonic Video Cassette Recorder Model Agds553 S/N I9tc00019
  40. Panasonic Video Cassette Recorder Model Agds553 S/N K9tc00104
  41. Panasonic Video Cassette Recorder Model Agds553 S/N K9tc00113
  42. Panasonic DVC Pro Player Model Ajd440 S/N E9tra0131
  43. Panasonic DVC Pro Player Model Ajd450 S/N J9trb0024
  44. Panasonic Monitor Model Ct1386ys/N Mb92510640
  45. Panasonic Television Set
  46. Panasonic VCR Model Ag196 S/N J2ta00257
  47. Panasonic Video Monitor Model Wvbm1410 S/N 08w08791
  48. Peavey Amplifier Model C5-800 S/N Ca584338
  49. Pionex Elite Monitor Model M17 S/N Grfbb93106395
  50. Realistic Stereo Mixing Console Model 32-1200b
  51. Realistic Stereo Mixing Console Model Mpa-40 S/N 32-2032
  52. Rts Systems Interface Adapter Model Ssa324 S/N S49179t
  53. Rts Handset Switch Model Pb318 S/N P54813
  54. Rts Systems Power Supply Model Ps15 S/N 12891
  55. Shure Sound Mixer Model M268 S/N 85860050 (2)
  56. Shure Sound Mixer Model M268 S/N 620979
  57. Shure Sound Mixer Model M67 S/N Ca315605
  58. Sony Lavalier Microphone Model Ecm55b S/N 245151
  59. Sony VCR Head Cleaner Model Slv-N70 S/N 0195667
  60. Sony Video Monitor Model Pmv-400 S/N/ 10577
  61. Strand Lights Model 3342 S/N 02700499 (3)
  62. TOA Cassette Amplifier Model A901a S/N 97150g443
  63. Vidtek Prodigy Model Production Switcher S/N#119900510
  64. Vidtek Rgb Chroma Keyer Model Rgb1 S/N 01984