Key Documents

SOP Forms

Annual School Report on General School Funds for High Schools (GSFs)
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Annual School Report on General School Funds for Elementary, Intermediate, Junior High and Middle Schools (GSFs) Page 1   Page 2

Authorization to Collect GSFs (GSFs)

Authorization to Use Personal Car (Travel & Conferences)

Bank Reconciliation Statement (GSFs)

Budget Appropriation Request (GSFs)

Budget Authorization Form (GSFs)

Cash Receipts Form (GSFs, OTPS Purchases)

Community and Citywide Education Council Personal Expense Summary Form and Request for Reimbursement (OTPS Purchases)

Consultant Nomination Form (Utilization of Consultants)

Consultant Approval Form (Utilization of Consultants)

Consultant Invoice (Utilization of Consultants)

Consultant Change Notice (Utilization of Consultants)

Exceptions to Regulations for Reimbursement (Travel & Conferences)

Extended Use Permit Application (Hardcopy - Revised: Jan, 2008) (Extended Use)

Final Statement at Conclusion of Revenue Producing Activity (GSFs)

Letter to Bank to Open a School Checking or Savings Account (GSFs)

Non-Employee Payment Request Form (OTPS Purchases)

Other than Personal Service Object Codes for Galaxy and Non-Galaxy Districts (OTPS)

Request to establish a New Bank Account for GSFs (GSFs)

Petty Cash Voucher (GSFs)

Request for Conditional Fingerprint Clearance (Utilization of Consultants)

Request for Expenditure (GSFs)

Request for Off-Site Equipment Use (Inventory)

School Deposit Summary Form (GSFs)

Statement of Undistributed Check (Payroll Check Security & Distribution)

Telephone Bid Summary Form (GSFs, OTPS Purchases)

Tax Exempt Certificate (GSFs, OTPS Purchases)

Travel Related Expenses Paid for by Non-Government Entities (Travel & Conferences)

Treasurers Receipt (GSFs)

User Organization Incident Report (Travel & Conferences)

Written Bid Summary Form (OTPS Purchases)