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I was contacted by a school about providing supplies/services. Is this sufficient to begin doing business with the DOE?
Prior to conducting business with the DOE, you must submit a W-9 form (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) to the school/office in order to obtain a vendor number.
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After submitting my W-9 form to the school, how long will it take to get a vendor number?
The process of assigning a vendor number to a new vendor takes approximately 4 weeks from submission of the completed W-9 form. Once received by the school, the W-9 form will be forwarded to the NYC Comptroller’s Office for vendor information validation. For additional information about this process, contact the Finance Service Center at (718) 935-2300.
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I have received my new vendor ID. What should I expect to receive from the purchaser so that I can fill the order?
You must receive a purchase order (PO) from the purchaser before conducting business with the DOE. The PO serves as an agreement from the school/office that it will purchase goods or services from you. It also ensures that the DOE will release payment to you upon successful order fulfillment.
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I have a DOE vendor ID. Is this the same as being a contracted vendor?
No. A vendor number simply provides a school the ability to create a purchase order for a particular vendor. For additional information about how to become a DOE contracted vendor, please review the Information for Vendors or call the Finance Service Center at (718) 935-2300.
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How do I bill the DOE?
must submit an invoice to the "Send Invoice To" address indicated on the purchase order. In order to be accepted for payment, invoices must be:

  • Original (photocopies are not accepted);
  • Printed on company letterhead;
  • Accurately calculated;
  • Accompanied by all required supporting documentation (for example, agendas, rosters, attendee lists, sign-in sheets, etc.)

Further, invoices must also include the following information:

  • Date invoice was generated;
  • A unique invoice number (this allows for payment tracking);
  • The contract number, PO number, ship to address, and all other specific references;
  • A full description of the goods/services/construction as outlined in the PO. This includes the date services/goods were delivered, an itemization of unit prices and quantities, and percentage of order fulfilled.

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I received a payment that reduced my invoice by 2%. Why did this happen?
Every contract has payment terms. Please check your contract to determine if it contains an early payment clause. For discrepancies, please contact the Finance Service Center at (718) 935-2300.
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I submitted an invoice, but I have yet to receive payment. Why?
There could be several reasons. First, you may have mailed your invoice to the wrong address. Each purchase order contains specific instructions about where to send the invoice. Invoices against encumbered POs should not be sent to a school as it might not reach the proper payment office. Please check your records and re-submit the invoice to the proper office, if needed.

Second, if the order included commodities, the school/office must first confirm and certify in the DOE FAMIS portal that goods were received. When a school has yet to certify receipt of goods, the payment office contacts the school to learn why; there is no need for the vendor to also contact the school. Payment will be processed 30 days from receipt of invoice.

Finally, if the order included services, submit the necessary supporting documentation along with your invoice to expedite the payment process.
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I was asked to provide proof of delivery (POD). Why?
The DOE's fiscal year ends on June 30th. If your invoice is dated after June 30th, you must submit proof of delivery to confirm that goods and/or services were provided prior to the end of the fiscal year; no payment can be made to a vendor after the close of the fiscal year without a POD on file. This is a New York City Comptroller's regulation and must be adhered to in case of audit.
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How do I reconcile my payments?
There are two options:

  1. Payee Information Portal (PIP). PIP is a free online tool provided by the City of New York to facilitate vendor record maintenance and payment reconciliation. PIP can be accessed here.
  2. Vendor Web Inquiry. The Vendor Web Inquiry is an online tool designed to aid vendors in conducting business with the DOE. For example, vendors can use the tool to edit account information, view the status of transactions, download bids, submit invoices, etc. While the DOE charges a small fee for this service, it offers greater functionality than PIP. Please call (718) 935-2850 for additional information or to enroll.

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The school claims it changed its order by submitting a Change Notice, however, I cannot see this in the Vendor Web Inquiry.  Why?
Details contained in a Change Notice are not displayed in the DOE Vendor Web Inquiry tool; only the adjustment to price is displayed. Should you have questions about the change, call the school/office responsible for generating the purchase order.
I received a paper check and the stub indicated a deduction for a check fee. Why?
The NYC Department of Finance instituted a $3.50 per check processing fee in an effort to reduce costs associated with the production of paper checks. The fees can be avoided by applying for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
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How do I enroll in EFT?
Visit the NYC Department of Finance’s Web site to enroll.
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