Bureau of Non Public School Payables

The Bureau of Non-Public School Payables is responsible for Special Education payments of children approved for services under the State’s regulations; court ordered payments. The specific program type is as follows: 

 Preschool and School Aged center based tuition, Special Education Itinerant services, Evaluations and Maintenance.

  Preschool and school-aged related services (independent related services and contracted agencies).

  Non-Resident Tuition.

  Impartial hearing decisions and stipulations (reimbursement and prospective).

  NYSTL, NYSLIB and NYSL payments for non-public schools.

  Charter School Payments.

  Implements payment orders for New York City children attending school districts outside the city.

  Initiates reimbursement of non-resident children who are attending New York City schools and programs.