Office of Payroll Administration

Direct Deposit (EFT)

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or Direct Deposit is a benefit available to all Department of Education (DOE) employees. Direct deposit provides for the electronic transfer of the employee’s pay directly to his/her bank account. It allows employees to have immediate access to his/her pay.

Eligibility Requirements for EFT
An employee must meet the following criteria in order to have his/her paycheck directly deposited:

  • Employee must have a valid bank account in a bank that accepts Electronic Fund Transfers and must be listed as an owner of the account.  Bank accounts that are not in the employee's name cannot be used.
  • Applications without a copy of a voided check, savings statement, or passbook account, as applicable (with   pre-printed name) will be returned. 
  • The employee must be active on payroll. Employees must re-enroll upon return from an unpaid leave of absence.

If you wish to have your net pay directly deposited to your bank account, you may enroll online through the Payroll Portal. This can be accessed through the DOE intranet using your DOE Outlook email id and password. If you do not know your DOE Outlook user id and/or password, please contact the Helpdesk at 718-935-5100.  Through this application, you can enroll, update or cancel your direct deposit membership.

You may also complete a paper-based Electronic Fund Transfer Application Form. Submit the completed application with the appropriate supporting documentation, to:

New York City Department of Education
Payroll Benefits Program
65 Court Street, Room 1400
Brooklyn, New York 11201

Both the online and paper-based forms can be used to update or cancel your current direct deposit enrollment. Note that Direct Deposit enrollment, changes and cancellations are only processed during the open enrollment period.

How to Complete the Direct Deposit Authorization Form