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Today's event:
High School Parent Conferences
09/28/2016 High schools will hold an evening event for parents.

 *Schools may hold their Parent Conferences on non-citywide dates. Contact the individual school to confirm dates.
 **Multi-session schools and District 75 School Programs are exempt from this additional conference. Schools will notify families accordingly if they are holding these events at their site.

Key Documents

Per Diem - FAQs

Q: When does timekeeping and approvals close for a service period and what check date will that service period be reflected on?

A: Please refer to the Per Diem/Per Session Payroll Calendar for Service Periods, Timekeeping/Approvals Close Dates and Mail/Check Dates.

Q: When will my check be mailed?

A: Please refer to the Per Diem/Per Session Payroll Schedules for Pay Period Earned Dates, Timekeeping/Approvals Close Dates and the Mail/Check Dates.

Q: I am missing service days on my Per Diem check. Who should I contact?

A: Please refer all questions regarding the missing service days to the payroll secretary at the location where the service was performed.

Q: Why are checks mailed later than usual?

A: Checks go out according to the payroll schedule and all dates listed are subject to change. In order to accommodate  recess periods, timekeeping entries and approval dates are modified and checks are sent a week later.

Q: Were my service days entered and approved?

A: Please refer this question to your payroll secretary. Timekeeping and approvals are done at the school and/or at the Integrated Service Center (ISC).

Q: Why did I not receive payment as "Z-status"?

A: If covering a vacancy, you are not entitled to Z-status. A substitute must cover an absent teacher for any reason other than termination to obtain the Z status salary.

Q: I have not received my Per Diem paycheck in the mail, what should I do?

A: If you have not received a Per Diem paycheck in the mail, you must request a stop payment. To request a stop payment, please complete a T-Bank Stop Payment Request Form and fax it to the Per Diem payroll office at (718)935-2350. Please include your name, file number, social security number, your current mailing address and the date of the check. If you do not know the date of the check, contact your payroll secretary/timekeeper for assistance. Please note that a stop payment will only be processed 10 business days from the issue date of the check.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of a cashed check?

A: You must submit a "Request for Copies of Statements, Checks and Reports form to OPA".

Q: I worked at a school from 1987-1990 as a Per Diem teacher. Who can provide me with verification of employment for this time period?

A: Verifications from 1988 to present for Per Diem teachers only can be requested by calling (718) 935-2229. Verifications may take a minimum of five business days to a maximum of two months to be processed depending upon the case. Please contact the Employee Records Research Unit at (718) 935-2117 for verification of service prior to 1988. 

Q: What are a Certificate of Salary Differential and a Certificate of Outside Experience and how do I apply for them?

A: A Certificate of Salary Differential is based on academic achievement beyond your bachelor’s degree. An original transcript from your college is needed before you can apply for one. A Certificate of Outside Experience is the mechanism to upgrade a per diem substitute to a higher salary step based on prior experience. The maximum allowable credit is step 4A.

Q: Where do I apply for a Certificate of Salary Differential or a Certificate of Outside Experience?

A: The Office of Salary Status is located at 65 Court Street, Room 815.

Q: Who can apply for a Certificate of Salary Differential or a Certificate of Outside Experience?

A: All per diem substitutes can apply for a Certificate of Salary Differential or a Certificate of Outside Experience.

Q: How many steps am I entitled to as a per diem?

A: All substitutes receive up to step 4A depending upon experience.

Q: Am I entitled to retroactive salary after I receive a Certificate of Salary Differential or a Certificate of Outside Experience?

A: Only F-status and Z-status are entitled to the increase in pay or retroactive salary from the effective date of the certificate.

Q: When will I be paid?

A: Once payroll receives a copy of the certificate(s), payroll will process from the effective date of the certificate and retroactive salary should be paid within two to three pay periods after receipt of the certificate.

Q: How do I apply for a Certificate of Salary Differential or a Certificate of Outside Experience?

A: You can obtain information and forms for Salary Steps and Salary Differentials on the Division of Human Resources (DHR) website. 

If we have not answered your question please feel free to Contact us.