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Per Session - FAQs

Q: When does timekeeping and approvals close for a service period and what check date will that service period be reflected on?

A: Please refer to the Per Diem/Per Session Payroll Calendar  for Service Periods, Timekeeping/Approvals Close Dates and Mail/Check Dates.

Q: When will my check be mailed?

A: Please refer to the Per Diem/Per Session Payroll Schedules  for Pay Period Earned Dates, Timekeeping/Approvals Close Dates and the Mail/Check Dates.

Q: I have not received my Per Session paycheck in the mail, what should I do?

A: If you have not received a Per Session paycheck in the mail, you must request a stop payment. To request a stop payment, please complete a T-Bank Stop Payment Request Form and fax it to the Per Session payroll office at (718)935-2350. Please include your name, file number, social security number, your current mailing address and the date of the check. If you do not know the date of the check, contact your payroll secretary/timekeeper for assistance. Please note that a stop payment will only be processed 10 business days from the issue date of the check.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of a cashed check?

A: You must submit a "Request for Copies of Statements, Checks and Reports form to OPA".

Q: How do I change my mailing address?

A: You must file a Personal and Tax Data Change form with DHR. Your payroll secretary can assist you with this.

Note: The Personal and Tax Data Change form replaces the formerly used OP-85 form.  Make sure to use this form to make any necessary tax and data changes.

Q: I do not believe I have been paid for all the hours I've worked, what can I do?

A: Please contact the payroll secretary or timekeeper of the per session program in which you worked in order to verify the services that have been paid to you.

Q: How do I obtain credit for the sick time (CAR) I've earned while working Per Session?

A: Sick leave earned through Per Session employment is recorded manually at the school level. Unused sick leave at the end of the school year is transferable to the employee's main job by completing and submitting the necessary information requested on the Per Session Unused Sick Leave Form (DHR-OP 1755-5191). This form can also be obtained at the school or Integrated Service Center (ISC).

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