Pedagogic/School Based Payrolls

Leave Unit

Q: I am on a Leave Without Pay. Am I entitled to vacation pay?

A: Yes, you are entitled to a pro-rated vacation payment.

Q: What is a grace period?

A: The duration of a grace period is one calendar month (30 days) or less. During this time you will be paid for weekends and holidays only. A deduction at the rate of 1/300th of your annual salary is made for each work day that you are absent. A grace period may not begin on the first day of school and only one grace period can be taken per school year.
You must return to work upon completion of the grace period or be approved for a leave of absence. Only two types of leaves are allowed after a grace period:
i) restoration of health
ii) maternity child care

Q: I just returned from a leave and noticed that my gross pay was reduced. Why?

A: In most cases, the deductions pertain to timekeeping transactions. You should contact your Payroll Secretary for an explanation.

Q: Can I apply for a sabbatical?

A: Yes, but only regular appointed teachers with at least 7 years of continuous service can apply. Substitute teachers are not eligible for a sabbatical.

Q: Does the sabbatical affect my vacation pay?

A: Yes, each month that you are on a sabbatical, your vacation entitlement is adjusted.

Q: Will my direct deposit be active when I return from my leave of absence?

A: No, direct deposit is automatically cancelled when you begin a leave of absence. You must re-enroll.

Q: What do I need to do to ensure that I am being paid correctly when I return from my leave?

A: If your leave of absence is less than one year, your equated date will automatically be updated. If the leave is more than one year your payroll secretary must submit a Resumption of Service OP255 form. A Certificate of Experience (COE) will be issued with a new equate date.