Pedagogic/School Based Payrolls

Termination Unit

Q: How do I apply for my termination pay (Cummulative Absence Reserve days)?

A: You must complete and sign an Application for Termination Pay for Pedagogues  (OP44) and return it to the payroll secretary. The Supervisor/ Principal's signature is required before payroll processes the payment. Please note: you have six years after separation from service to claim your termination pay.

Q: What is the difference between a final entitlement form and an OP44?

A: A final entitlement form is required so that the payroll office may review your payroll record and determine if you are owed any arrears or overpaid. The OP44 authorizes the payroll office to issue payment for half of your sick leave balance (CAR) up to 100 days.

Q: Once my final entitlement/termination pay is processed, how will I receive my check?

A: The check is delivered to your last place of employment and will be mailed to your address on file at the school. If you would like to pick up your check, please contact your payroll secretary.

Q: Can I receive my termination pay in one installment?

A: As per the United Federation of Teachers contract, termination pay must be paid in 3 annual installments: the first installment is paid two months after separation from service, the second installment is paid 12 months after separation from service and the final installment is paid 24 months after separation from service. You will receive your entire entitlement in one installment only if your case is completed more than 24 months after separation from service or if your total entitlement is less than $1,500. Termination pay for Council of Supervisors and Administrators members
is issued in one lump sum payment.

Q: I separated from service during the school year. When will I receive my pro-rated summer pay?

A: Checks for pro-rated summer pay are generated during the months of July and August. If you do not receive your pro-rated summer pay during this time, please contact the Termination Pay Unit at 718-935-2221.

Q: I separated from service with a negative/zero CAR balance. Should I submit an OP44?

A: No.

Q: Will my termination payment be taxed?

A: Yes. The termination payment is subject to all applicable taxes.