Pedagogic/School Based Payrolls

Timekeeping Check Cancellation Unit

Q: What does "OTHER" on my pay stub mean?

A: The total number of deductions that cannot be displayed on your pay stub are consolidated into one amount titled "OTHER". All deductions are displayed in detail on the EIS check register screen 13.3. Please see your payroll secretary to obtain a copy.

Q: How can a garnishment deduction be stopped?

A: You must call The NYC Office of Payroll Administration (OPA) at (212) 669-8555.

Q: How can I get a change of address and/or a tax exemption change form? (OP-85 form)

A: The Personal and Tax Data Change form replaces the formerly used OP-85 form.  Make sure to use this form to make any necessary tax and data changes. You may also call the Division of Human Resources (DHR) at (718) 935-2278.

Q: How can I place a stop payment on my check?

A: Please ask your payroll secretary to contact Teachers' Payroll at (718) 935-2217 to place a stop payment on your check for teachers on the regular Q742 payroll. Requests for stop payments for Per Diem Payroll (Q746) and Per Session Payroll (Q747) must be faxed to (718) 935-2350.

Q: How can I obtain a copy of a cashed check?

A: You must submit a "Request for Copies of Statements, Checks and Reports form to OPA".

Q: I have not been paid. How can I obtain an emergency check?

A: You must contact your Regional Operations Center (ROC) for an emergency check. For Council of Supervisors and Administrators members and/or Per Session teachers, emergency checks are processed at Teachers' Payroll after your ROC has approved your request.

Q: How do I change my check distribution code?

A: Please have your payroll secretary contact Teachers' Payroll at (718) 935-2217.